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What is a code key?

A code key is a key that is un-copied, an original key that is cut to very specific measurements. When a key is created, it is created using a code. The code determines the depth of the cuts made. When a key has been used too long, is damaged, or has been worn down, it may still unlock the doors, but eventually the key will either break, get stuck inside the lock (damaging the system), or it will suddenly stop working all together. When a new key is made, it’s better to have it created using the code instead of having it copied.  


“My husband told me this morning that my car key is beginning to look a bit dull, and that I should think about having a new one made. I thought about getting it copied, but I’m not sure that it will help.” – Anonymous


LPI professional locksmiths would suggest having a brand new key made to match the code of the original. If the key is dull and you have it copied, the machine will simply cut another dysfunctional key, leaving you with the same problems and less money in your pocket.


How do I know if my key has a code?



  • When you have you have your locks installed, you will be given a key with a series of numbers, and those numbers are the code for the key of the house.


“It’s important to make copies of your first key and keep your original somewhere safe. I would also suggest writing down the numbers on your key, and keeping the code somewhere safe as well. The code key numbers can be found at the top of your key, and are usually engraved into it.” –LPI Locksmith



  • Often times, like residential keys, there will be a code engraved into the medal of the key. For a regular metal code key, the numbers are usually towards the top. If your key is a transponder key though, the code is usually something you can obtain from the dealer when you purchase your vehicle. If you lose your transponder key but you have the code written down somewhere, it will save you quite a bit of money when you go to a locksmith to have it replaced.



  • Just like residential keys and auto keys, there will be an original key with a code on it. Save the key somewhere that only you and a select few people know where to find it.


What stops someone from taking a random key into a locksmith and having more copies made?


When a code key is created, hiding the original key somewhere safe inside of your home will keep someone from stealing your key. It’s crucial for security purposes that an opportunity isn’t given for someone to take your key and break into your home, car, or business.


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