Stop… What Home Security Tips Are You Forgetting?

The key to maintaining efficient home security is awareness. In modern times it’s very easy to get caught up in the daily rush, stressing to get to the business meeting, the football game, the parent-teacher conference, etc. The point is that there is so much going on all the time, that lack of awareness is inevitable. There are many facets to keeping with good home security, and knowing what the facets are, will likely challenge you to take the additional steps.


There is a long list of things that are important to secure in or around your home, but we will just focus on 5 of the most important ones.


3 things not to forget when securing your home:



  • Passwords and pin codes



What does it mean to secure passwords or pin-codes? It means that you have them all in ONE place. There are several storage apps and programs that allow you to save content inside of their system. This is not highly recommended, and here is why…


  • You lose direct control of the content that was saved.
  • Glitchy systems could result in lost information.
  • Hackers! Just because a system is popular, doesn’t mean it’s safe.


What can I do to make sure my codes are secure?


The best advice to give is simply to write them down. Technology is great, and there is no arguing that programs have come a long way to benefit their users, but for things like passwords and other personal codes, it’s best to have as much control over their whereabouts as possible. Write them down in a notebook, and hide them. For best security results, purchase a high-grade padlock and keep them in a case or a safe.



  • Personal documents



Personal documents are just that… personal. Don’t be a victim of identity theft. It’s important to understand what kind of information needs to be secured. Some of them being, passport documents, medical information, birth certificates, Social Security Information, bank statements, etc. Don’t leave these documents lying around. If they can be seen through your window it can be enticing to a potential thief. If you have people frequenting your home, it would benefit you to keep your personal information inside of a locked safe or briefcase.



  • Jewelry and other valuables


It’s baffling how many people forget to secure these kinds of items. If it’s high in cost, keep it locked up. Even if the jewelry isn’t necessarily important to you, or you aren’t worried about financial losses, keeping these kinds of items hidden in your home will keep you and your family safe. If a burglar can see it or knows it’s there, that could be the leading cause for a home invasion.


Here are some good ways to keep these things secure:


  • Jewelry box – out of sight
  • Locked safe (especially good for family heirlooms)
  • Chest


Don’t stop here. There are much more things that need to be secured in a home. Find awareness, and hold onto it.


“A number of burglaries have resulted from a lack of awareness. The simple things are what we forget, and sometimes don’t think of at all. This should not be. At Locksmith Plus, Inc we believe it’s important to be educated about security. We also believe in reminders. It takes no time at all to set a reminder on your cellphone or tablet, and taking that initiative will lower the chances of a home invasion.” -Locksmith Plus, Inc

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