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Residential Locksmith

A residential locksmith will look at the customer from a homeowner perspective in order to better understand the customer needs. The local building codes for residential are likely to be different from commercial space code. It is the job to be familiar with building codes that are relevant to lock and keys. There are a lot of different locking system option designs for residential use. A good company is one who keeps up with what’s out there and what’s new in order to meet the needs of the customer in the best way possible.

Are you sure I need a professional? Why can’t I do the job myself?

Be sure to request a certified expert to handle your home lock and security needs. Selecting the wrong company can lead to more problems and costs than expected. For example, commercial grade locks, although more sturdy and designed to take more abuse, they are often bulky and will not look good on a home application. It may not only look good, but you may also end up having to pay more for the lock as they tend to cost more.

Anyone who owns or rents a home will likely need a professional at one point or another. After all, it is a matter of time before someone loses a key or gets the key locked inside their home or simply has a lock and key failure.

What are the specific services that a home locksmith can offer?

There are many jobs that fall under residential locksmith services category. Here are a few that we offer:

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    Home is where the heart is – but only when you have the key to get you in the front door and the quality locks to keep your home safe! Locksmith Plus can have a skilled local professional on your doorstep within minutes to perform essential home lockout, lock change, rekey, key replacement and more.
    Updating your home’s interior decor may be more exciting, but upgrading your home security systems could be the most valuable investment you make this year. We have professional home security consultants in your area trained to assess your home’s strongest and weakest links when it comes to safety and security.
    Contact our office today at (877) 202-5790 to schedule your home security assessment. Our technicians can repair jammed or damaged locks, install new high-security locks, and educate you on the latest in home alarm systems and security devices.


    Locksmith Plus, Inc. is also Portland’s number one locksmith for all things related to commercial and residential safes. Check out the following links to determine which safe is best for you! Found the perfect one for your home or office? Give Locksmith Plus, Inc. a call today so we can find you the best possible deal!

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    We have flat rates on several on our services as well as minimum (and maximum) price ranges for the rest of our services. No hidden fees or convoluted pricing schemes. What you see is what you get. For more information on pricing in your area, please visit our pricing page or call us today!


    Upon arrival, the technician will introduce himself or herself to the customer. After the introduction, the tech will ask to see your ID (for obvious reasons, we are required by law to verify the identity of whom we are working for) and ask you some questions that will help him better understand your situation. Expect promptness, professionalism, and a desire to get the job done right!

    What makes Locksmith Plus different from other companies?

    We carefully choose the providers with whom we select to work with. Our techs/contractors go through an intensive screening process, which includes a background check, credit check, and at least three reliable references before we let anyone carry our name. On top of getting screened by us, our techs/contractors must carry a license and certification per each state requirement. We understand the importance of your home security and it’s the reason we choose to work only with trustworthy partners.

    We specialize in home security upgrade, and we even offer free home security consultation. Have an expert come to your home and evaluate the level of your security, identify all the vulnerable point of entry to your home, and give you recommendation all free of charge.


    When it comes to residential locksmith services, there are a lot of great things to look forward to. For example, there are locks that can be controlled remotely using a phone app, which will help avoid getting locked out of your own home, granting access to someone you trust remotely, etc. Furthermore, technology is getting cheaper, so more people can now afford to have better locks that offer more protection and convenience.


    Here at Locksmith Plus, Inc., we keep it in the front line from day one and keep ourselves educated on new technology tools and hardware available on the market today. Whenever there is a new tool or new home lock on the market, we make sure to get our hand on it, study it, and identify the pros and cons about it. This is just part of what we do in order to stay current. In a world that moves so fast, you must do all that you can in order to stay up to date. We want to help our customers in the best way possible. We hope that you will recognize the quality that we have to offer.


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