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Home is where the heart is

– but only when you have the key to get you in the front door and the quality locks to keep your home safe!

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Professionally licensed business locksmith technicians.

Our team of professionally licensed business locksmith technicians can help ensure your commercial success by providing 24/7 service.

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Locksmith Plus, Inc. is your trustworthy locksmith services near you.

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Our professional locksmith technicians help with all of your locksmith services from your car, to your home and business. All hours of the day and night. If you are either locked out or if you need any help with increasing your security of your house, car or business, give us a call today at (916) 273-4806 and we’ll quickly connect you with a trained, tested, and trusted local locksmith technician in your area.

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We have worked very hard to claim that title. That’s why our customers are always repeat customers. Once you go Locksmith Plus you never go back. Go ahead and give the other guys a call, but I guarantee you won’t find better prices or friendlier service. Allow me to explain why.


What happened to great customer service? We would argue that it has become a lost art. We are working hard to bring that back. We understand that the locksmith industry is rather notorious for bad service. Before we hire our techs we quality check them and make sure they understand that they are joining the best team in the west coast. When you put that kind of emphasis on customer service it really shows. That’s why no one comes close to us in Sacramento for fast, efficient and friendly customer service.


You may be surprised to learn that not all locksmith companies are created equal. It might be hard to wrap your brain around but some business can only re-key your building and get the keys out of your locked car. Yet they have the gall to call themselves a locksmith company. Please. Let the professionals handle the hard stuff. There is not one car that we can not make a new key to, and there is not one lock that we can not break into. Remember that part in the first mission impossible when they break into the CIA HQ? Well yeah, that’s us. Minus Tom Cruise. Check out Locksmith Plus, Inc. around the web!


“Meier” They say, “How in the heck darn do you guys manage to keep your prices so low and still provide amazing customer service?” I can’t tell you because it’s an LPI secret that my grandfather inherited from Tibetan monks many moons ago. I’m kidding. The truth is we have dedicated ourselves to quality and integrity locksmiths in Sacramento, so that’s all the more reason to make sure we stick out from the other guys. If we are not the first locksmith you think of then we are not working hard enough. Nuff said.

Locksmith Plus, Inc. is a local locksmith service provider. Car Lockout? Lost Keys? House lock change? Business security upgrade? The experts at Locksmith Plus, Inc., can handle any locksmith service that you require– 24/7!

Our professional locksmith technicians deliver all the essential lock-related services for your car, home, business and more at all hours of the day and night. Whether you’re in the midst of a lockout emergency or taking proactive steps to boost the safety of your car, home or office, call us today at 916-273-4806 and we’ll quickly connect you with a trained, tested, and trusted local locksmith technician in your area. You can count on Locksmith Sacramento Ca.

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Locksmith Plus, Inc. Sacramento Ca offers 24 hour mobile auto, home, and business locksmith solutions at your location!