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How to use your smartphone smartly


We live in a time where smartphones are nearly essential to everyday life. Some are bothered by this fact, others are on board. Regardless of stance, there are benefits to owning a smartphone that can be utilized by both sides of the spectrum. Having a smartphone could mean better security for yourself, your family and your home. There are several phone apps that support the safety of loved ones, and there are several ways of communication that will lessen the worries created by our busy and often dangerous way of living.  


GPS Tracking Systems


If you don’t have one, get one. If you don’t understand it, learn about it. There are several tracking systems available through cell devices. Some systems are accessible through downloadable apps, and others are available on the device itself. Some are free, others aren’t. Regardless of the route you choose, it’s good to have some kind of tracking security accessible on your cell device. Here is a short list of options available to those who own and utilize a smart-phone:


  • Popular tracking apps – MySpy, FlexiSpy, Highster Mobile, and more. These apps are suggested for parents who are concerned with the safety of their child or youth. They are a great tool used to track location, messaging, phone calls, etc.
  • iPhone users – In your contact settings, you have an option available to share your location with another individual at any time. Between adults, this is a great feature. If you are planning a trip and want someone to know your whereabouts, you can simply switch on this feature and incase of emergency, the other person will have a way to track you by GPS.
  • Vismo – A GPS tracking system that ensures the safety of traveling employees and is available on several smartphones, including iPhones and androids.


Home Security


  • Keyless locks are a great addition to any home. These kinds of locks will allow you access to your door through your smartphone. If you care to monitor all who go in and out of your home, you might benefit from one of these locks.
  • Security cameras can be accessed through your smartphone, and for new parents, this system is very common. This kind of system makes it easy to see inside the home at any given moment, whether you are in another room checking on your kids, or if you are out of the home and feeling uneasy.  
  • There are smartphone apps that make it possible to create a safe community. If you have teens in your home, or you often go to dangerous places, this kind of community could be good for you. The apps make it easy to communicate needs through a simple button on your phone. Instead of group texting, with the potential of the message failing to go through, communication happens through an entirely different system that can be accessed even through WIFI. It’s an advanced buddy system.

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