Top Ten Tools a Locksmith Must ALWAYS Have Onsite

Locksmith Tools

“There are many tools that a locksmith must have with them onsite, and the necessary tools will vary depending on the service requested. The tools listed here are only a fraction of what is required.”

-LPI owner


Auto lockout tools

  • Air wedges
  • This is a hassle free tool that professional locksmiths will use to unlock a car door without causing any damage to the vehicle.


  • Clock
  • A clock is used onsite for time management purposes. LPI locksmiths are committed to completing their job as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • Prying tools
  • This is a common tool used by locksmiths to pry open a car door without leaving damage.


  • Drill
  • This tool is used by a locksmith for numerous reasons, however the most common reason is for lock replacement. When a lock or ignition cylinder has been damaged beyond repair, it will need to be replaced. This kind of service is especially necessary when dealing with a break in or attempted break in of a vehicle.


  • Screwdrivers of all kinds
  • There are several reasons a screwdriver could be used by a locksmith. One reason is simply having the right tool to remove a lock.


Other necessary tools


  • Lock pics
  • LPI locksmiths are equipped with all the necessary lock picking tools. These are used for several services: auto, residential, commercial and specialty services.


  • Inspection light
  • Lights are often times needed in order to see into dark places, to spot tiny key pieces, or to see code numbers. Lights are especially necessary when keys break inside of an ignition. Sometimes no matter how hard a locksmith tries, they just can’t see into the lock without one of these lights.  


  • Key gauge
  • This tool is very common and extremely useful. Locksmiths carry a key gauge for key duplication services, key creation services, and even decoding services.


  • Key extractor
  • Key extractors are always on hand. These are used in case a key breaks inside of a lock or ignition. While this isn’t necessarily a common problem, it does happen. It’s important for a locksmith to carry this tool, because it is used to pull broken pieces out of a lock without damaging the property.


  • Key cutter
  • This is a machine used to cut keys for several reasons. The machine cuts keys to code, and is frequently used for copying keys. It is also used to create keys for residential, commercial and auto services. A key cutter can even be used in specialty services to create keys for safes, chests, cabinets, etc.

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