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When locked out of my house, what can I do before calling a locksmith?

Residential locksmith kit

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Locked out, but can’t afford a locksmith? There are a few strategies you can try on your own, before spending money on a locksmith service.


  1. Does anyone you know have a spare key? This is always your best option. It may prove inconvenient in some circumstances, but if you are trying to save money, it’s best to call and wait for someone to come unlock the door.


  1. Check the windows! You won’t want to spend money on a locksmith and find out later that one of your windows was open the whole time. It’s recommended by LPI locksmiths that you double check all ways of access into your home, before calling for assistance.
  • Remove the screen
  • Lift up or slide the window open
  • Carefully crawl through the window into your home


  1. Do you have a credit card on you? If you have any kind of laminated card with you, you may be able to pick the lock open with it. If possible, use a card that you don’t mind damaging or scratching (one without a barcode would be best: membership cards, promotional cards, or anything easily replaceable).

Simple Steps:

  • Find the latch
  • Place the card between the door and the door frame
  • Slide the card down at a perpendicular angle.
  • While pushing your body weight up against the door, wiggle the card and when you hit the latch, bend the card away from the lock. (This may slide the latch back, releasing the lock)

NOTE: “If you are able to unlock your door using a credit card, you will want to have a locksmith come and replace your locks, because clearly your house is not as secure as it should be.” –Professional Locksmith


Is it possible to pick the lock on your own, instead of calling a locksmith to do it?


The short answer is yes, but yes is not necessarily the best answer. It is possible to pick the lock on your own, however, it’s important to understand that if done incorrectly, you could damage the lock and in result, you’ll need to replace the entire lock instead of just getting a key made. If you are trying to avoid spending a lot of money, I would suggest having a key made instead of trying to break in (especially if you don’t have any experience picking locks). If you decide to try and pick the lock on your own, you’ll need to know three important steps:


  1. Find a long and thin object. One that is thin enough to slide into the hole, and strong enough to apply pressure inside the lock. Some example objects would be a hair pin, paper clip or a small screw driver.
  2. If your lock has a push mechanism, you’ll insert the object and feel some resistance. Push. If it’s a twisting mechanism, you’ll twist the object inside the lock until it catches. Just a apply pressure, and you’ll hear a clicking sound. The clicking means the door has been unlocked.
  3. If all else fails and there are visible screws on the knob, grab a screwdriver and remove the doorknob.IF ALL ELSE FAILS GIVE US A CALL!

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