Top 5 places to NEVER hide your house keys

Avoid vulnerability, and learn where to keep your keys



I don’t know about you, but I grew up hiding things. There is something gratifying about hiding something where you think no one else will find it. As an adult, I watch the little ones with anticipation for the day they realize they possess this great power. Not because I’ll lose my belongings – since I’m sure they’ll start with my phone or my keys – but because I will have the opportunity to teach them where the best spots truly are! There are some rather clever places to hide things, especially keys, and there are several places you should never hide them, which draws us to the point of today’s message: Where NOT to hide your keys.


Fake Rocks:


Yes, you read that right. Home-owners LOVE this idea at first glance, but have you ever seen one of these things? Some will argue that these fake rocks are hard to spot. I am inclined to disagree. They actually stand out (especially if they’ve been googled) which makes them completely insecure.


Don’t hide your keys under real rocks either. You are fooling yourself if you think a thief won’t look there because they will.


Empty pots or plants:


This method has been used too many times! Hiding keys underneath or inside of a flower pot are far too common, and a thief will search there first. Don’t leave your keys in such a vulnerable place. Ultimately the point of hiding a key is to keep someone from breaking into your home, so don’t make it easy on them.




Don’t do it. Don’t even entertain the idea. Not only is this method (like the flower pots) way overused, but it’s also way too easy. If someone sees a person walk up to your home confidently, lift the mat, grab the key, and then unlock the door, they will likely assume that the person was given access. This will keep witnesses from paying any attention or reporting any suspicious behavior.


Door Frames:


It’s amazing the number of people who believe this tactic actually works. I would be more inclined to say that these people haven’t yet been visited by a burglar. Unless your neighborhood burglar is extremely short, I would not expect this method to work out well for your security. It’s too obvious, and it provides no kind of protection.


Your wallet:


If they have your wallet, they likely have personal information. I don’t know about you, but I keep my ID in my wallet. If I kept my key with my ID and lost them both, whoever has my wallet has my address. Hopefully, they are really nice people! You see my point? Don’t be a thief’s dream come true.

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