Locksmith Portland OR

The Irrational Reality of Locksmithing in Portland Oregon

Our newest locksmith Aaron just moved from California to Portland to find out just how weird people here are…




How different is Portland, really?


It’s not just a bumper sticker…

It’s not just a banner,

Or a rumor,

Or written everywhere just for humor.

Portland IS weird.


Portland posses great attributes, most of which are a bit wacky or hard to understand. Portland is its own greatest muse; It’s a multi personalities culture that’s been fostered and strengthened into great strangeness. Locksmiths in the area get the brunt end of Portland weirdness, and it’s not because of the hip places to stay, or because of the intriguing choice of music, or because of the summer specials offered on weed. Locksmiths experience the weirdness of Portland through the weirdness of its people.


People in Portland are weird, yo. Don’t believe it? Keep reading.


Personal Memoirs that keep Portland weird:


“I’m sorry, but we can’t accept rocks instead of money, ma’am.” – Aaron Locksmith Plus inc, locksmith.


“This is better than money,” she says.

The confused locksmith looks down at the ladies’ carefully painted rocks that read “Jesus” across the top of them. He waits a moment, and replies hesitantly, attempting to explain that rocks cannot be accepted as payment for their services.  

“Your hand painted rocks are lovely, and I’m sorry, but we can’t accept rocks instead of money, ma’am.”

Finally, after further persuasion, the lady made a real payment, and the locksmith walked away scratching his head.


This is a true story from the life of a Locksmith at Locksmith Plus Inc, Portland OR.



“I only have 20 dollars for payment right now, but I just bought steaks at the store, and I’d be happy to pay with those as well.” – Anonymous LPI customer


The humored locksmith tells his story…


“This lady called because she locked herself out of her car, and when I got there she explained her situation, asking for grace and promising to pay the rest at a later time. She offered to give her number, but when she offered her steaks as well, I couldn’t help but think about how lovely a steak dinner would be! (insert sarcasm here). I took the steaks and 20 dollars, unlocked her car, and then sent her on her way. There was no use in getting a phone number, this is just how it goes here in Portland. The steaks were pretty good though!” – Locksmith Plus Inc, locksmith



“Did you pick up your RV early sir? I wasn’t finished with impressing your key.” – Locksmith Plus Inc, locksmith


Two hours later! In two hours a 30 foot RV was stolen.


Welcome to Portland.


The locksmith shares his story…


“I got a call from a man who needed a new key for his RV. I came by to pick up his lock, then headed back to the shop for a couple of hours. When I got back, his RV was gone. I was confused so I called the man and asked him if he moved his RV. Our conversation went something like this…


He replied saying, “No I didn’t move it.”

I responded, “It’s not here sir.”


He came back to his house to meet with me, and as he was walking down the street he realized that someone had taken his RV in the short time I was making a key for it.


He was ticked but didn’t seem surprised. Portland is a rare… gem.


I felt bad for the guy so I didn’t charge him for the service. Some people in Portland are so unaware, but then so aware at the same time. Someone had to be watching and waiting the entire time I was removing the lock.” -Locksmith Plus Inc, locksmith



“How green would you like your tip, sir?”


“Yup, even people at weed dispensaries in Portland need locksmithing services, and they always tip very well.”


At the end of the day, all we have to say is we love our city!


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