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What makes a deadbolt lock secure?

dead bolt securityStatistics show that 34% of burglaries happen through the front door, and about 59% of break-ins are a result of forced entry. Front doors are the main target and are oftentimes tried first. It’s important to keep front doors locked. It’s a good idea to have a security system installed in your home, but it’s equally important to have a door that is not easily beat down.


Deadbolt locks are designed to be burglar-proof. These locks are made up of 3 main parts.


The key Cylinder accessible from the outside.

The bolt that slides in and out of the door jam.

The thumb that allows control of the bolt from inside the home.


All deadbolts should be up of solid and unbreakable materials, ie: Bronze, brass, or steel.


Is the deadbolt all that is required?


It is always recommended to have other forms of security in your home. You can install cameras, home security, get a barking dog, or combine the three. These things should add to your home security though, and not replace the importance of secure locks. In addition to the deadbolt lock make sure that your door frame is secure. The deadbolt will do you no good if your door frame is weak or cracking. The bolt is designed to slide into the door frame in order to keep the door from opening.


How do you make a door frame more secure?


  • Check the frame for wear or cracking. If you notice that your door frame is weak, it would be best to replace the frame.
  • You can install the strike plate with 3-inch screws. This will reinforce the plate into the studs of the door frame.
  • Get a home security door and frame kit. The investment is worth it to protect your family and belongings.


How to Install a strike plate:


Step 1 – Collect your tools.


  • A set of strike plates
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Dremel
  • Pencil or chalk
  • A ruler or tape measurer


Step 2 – Take measurements


  • Measure the gap between the door and the frame. If the gap is too small, just chip of some the wood from the door frame. Do this until it has a tight fit.
  • Measure the strike plate and compare it to the size and position of the deadbolt.


Step 3 – Cut out the slots


These are on the strike plate. After you’ve taken the measurements, use the dremel to cut a slot for the deadbolt to move through the door frame.


Step 4 – Mount the plates


The remaining plates are to be installed along the length of your door frame. This will provide resistance necessary to make the lock burglar proof.


Step 5 – Test the lock


Testing the lock could be done many different ways.


  • Simply shut the door and check that everything is well aligned.
  • The the kick-in test.



To conclude today’s message, just make sure you have a deadbolt on all your doors. Check the door frame, and make sure everything is installed correctly. This is an easy and effective way to enhance your home security.

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