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Securing Firearms in a Vehicle – What makes it so important and what can be done?

“You want your handgun to be secure, readily available, out of sight and out of mind.” – Locksmith Plus Inc.


Ways to secure your handgun inside of your vehicle:


The most efficient way to secure your handgun is by keeping it inside of a locked box. This can be a locked safe or a locked bag (depending on your personal preference). There are many options available through a simple google search. Make sure you are aware of the laws in your state, and be attentive to those laws.


How can I keep my gun readily accessible?


Many car-safe gun cases are locked using a key. For obvious reasons, this is the most secure option. However, it is not the most convenient. Those who carry a licensed gun on them are usually carrying it in case of an emergency. We all know that emergencies are high tension and high-stress situations. If you’ve read any of the other blogs I’ve written, you will remember the severity of shaping security around stressful possibilities. I wrote a blog called_ , and it does a great job at reminding people (including myself) of the tragedies that unfold when we are inconsiderate of danger. If you are carrying a weapon, you want to make sure it is quickly available to you. Ditch the safe that requires a key, and go with a key code lock or a hand detection lock instead.


Where can I put a gun in my vehicle that will keep it out of sight, but still easily accessible?


The answer to that question varies depending on the type and size of your vehicle. It would be best for you to examine your own vehicle and discern the best places for your car. Your gun should be out of sight to passengers in the car, and should not be visible if pulled over by a police officer.


Examples of places to keep firearms inside of vehicles:


For quick access:

  • Under the driver’s seat.
  • In the glove box (only while driving or occupying the vehicle)
  • Stored in or underneath the dashboard.


For long term storage (quick access not needed):

  • The trunk of your vehicle.
  • In a lock box that’s been installed somewhere secure in your car.

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