Securing Your Greenhouse: Tips and Tools Used to Secure Yourself and Your Property

For some, a greenhouse could mean food for the winter, or maybe it is just part of the business. For others, it is a treasured hobby. No matter the reason, it is an expensive hobby. It’s easy to get caught up trimming, planting and preparing during the heat of the day, and too many times the security of property is overlooked. There is more to securing a greenhouse than simply locking it up behind you at the end of the day. What about your tools? Your pots? Your machinery? How well are these items secured upon your departure? It would be nice to assume it wouldn’t happen to you, but the chances are higher than you would think. Plant theft is an increasing issue worldwide. Greenhouses have become a more prized item of theft in the recent years, and as a local locksmith concerned for your overall security it is our duty and privilege to provide you with tools in preventing this kind of crime.


Anchor your greenhouse – Make sure that the anchor pulls enough weight, that it’s made from sturdy and trusted materials. Also, make sure it is driven far enough into the ground. A concrete foundation is highly recommended.


Be careful what is planted around your greenhouse – If there are tall trees or wide bushes planted around it, you will provide potential thieves a covering. If a thief thinks they can get away with your things easily you will become a larger target. Keep your greenhouse visible.


Plant holly bushes or rose bushes – No one (not even a thief) will want to get into a fight with thorns. This is a natural deterrent, and it works.


Secure your containers / tool boxes – Use land anchors, i.e: a heavy rock, or a tree.


Chain your bins – If your bins are chained down they cannot be used as stepping stools. Don’t give a thief a hand up.


Lay gravel – In most cases thieves come with vehicles. If you lay gravel out in your driveway you will hear them coming. They are also less likely to take the chance, assuming you might be home.


Mark your belongings – This is a way to prevent your items from being sold. If your name and information is on your possessions, someone will have a much harder time selling your items. They may move on from your house altogether. You can use a sharpy, but professional thieves may try to write over your address with their own. An effective way to prevent this is by using a chemical called SmartWater. This is a clear liquid that is applied to your property. If these items are sold, and any reminisce of the SmartWater is found, they will be able to match the chemical and return the property to its rightful owner. In some high-risk areas police hand this chemical out for free.

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