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Locksmith Plus is available for your automotive, residential and commercial needs twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week. We are even able to provide services on holidays if you need us! The mobile team is able to be reached at any time, even without an appointment, to make you feel as if you can be safe and secured again.

We are also able to offer you a warranty on all Salem Oregon locksmith services. This warranty will last for 90 days if anything were to go wrong. Be sure to call today to have your locksmithing needs completed as quickly as possible.

Facing an Locksmith Emergency

Our mobile services are readily available at all times. We can provide emergency services at your home, at your business or even to your automobile. We will be ready to assist you whenever you are available, no matter the time, day or place.

Every professional at Locksmith Plus will provide professional services to you as well. We will provide no damage to your property, but remember that there is a 90 day warranty if any of the repairs go wrong. You will see us at your property in less than 30 minutes when you call.

Mobile Automotive Locksmith

Everyone will probably get locked out of their vehicle at some points in their lives. It can happen to anyone at any moment. In that moment you almost feel helpless, but thankfully, our locksmiths are quickly available to fit your needs best. We can also provide the following services by our mobile locksmith team.

  • Unlock a vehicle that you are locked out of.
  • Make new keys for your vehicle if you lose yours or yours become damaged.
  • Repair broken locks on your vehicle’s doors.
  • Repair damaged ignition switches.
  • Fix and repair key fobs that have become deprogrammed or damaged.

Automotive locksmithing is very inexpensive at Locksmith Plus. On the lower end, one of the most basic services on the above list may only cost $150. On the upper end, the price only goes to $300.

Most locksmiths will arrive in only 15 minutes after you make the call. This will depend on how busy we are at Locksmith Plus though, as it could take up to 30 minutes for them to arrive. The services will be provided quickly and will be completed within ten minutes at the very most.

Commercial and Business Mobile Locksmith

Your business locksmithing needs require specialized certifications. There are special locks at your business that are more detailed than those on homes. There are also sometimes door bars and security systems that have to be considered when engaging in a locksmithing service like one of those listed below at a place of business.

  • Repairing door bars and installing new door bars.
  • Fixing and replacing damaged locks with new keys.
  • Installing new locks at a place of business.
  • Creating new keys for new employees, including master keys.

A master key is one of the services that requires specific certifications. All of our locksmiths are trained in these specific certifications to ensure they are ready to meet all of your needs. A master key is one of the most necessary creations from a commercial locksmithing service.

A master key is commonly used in larger businesses with multiple employees such as schools, call centers or other large businesses. The key should only be used by employees who need to have access to all of the building. This will assist employees in not becoming locked out of the business or office.

Home Mobile Locksmith

A residential locksmithing service will help you to feel protected in your home. You can also know that your loved ones are safe at all times. We can help you with replacing the locks on your new home or with repairing damaged locks in your home, as well as the services listed below.

  • Unlocking your home when you forgot your keys inside or are locked out of it.
  • Replacing locks in your new home or after a break-in.
  • Repairing broken or damaged locks.
  • Replacing broken locks that are beyond the level of repair.

It is very common for locks to begin deteriorating over time, especially if the locks have never been replaced in your home. You will notice that the key becomes harder to turn when locking and unlocking your door. If this is allowed to continue, there is a high risk of a door that is unable to close or open.

It is important to get problems like the one listed above fixed quickly. We can install new locks the same day you call us if you are in need of mobile locksmithing services. It is important to call before its too late.

Specialty Locksmith

There are certain services offered by Locksmith Plus that are more specialty. These were very briefly mentioned throughout above. They are given in more specific detail in the list that is found below.

  • Replacing a damaged ignition switch that will no longer turn in your car.
  • Replacing program transponder keys.
  • Replace garage door locks or repair garage door locks, ensuring the keys still fit.
  • Installing new screens wherever they are needed.

Contact Us 

One of the most essential things in choosing a mobile locksmith is in choosing one that you know is reliable. You should know that our professionals at Locksmith Plus are reliable, certified and ready to assist you quickly. You will have many services completed in the same day that you called.

Contact Locksmith Plus for your mobile locksmithing needs today. We can provide you with any locksmithing services you need at your business, at your home or even at your vehicle. Our mobile services will meet you where you are. Call us today to have your problems fixed as soon as possible.

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