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If you are in need of locksmithing services in Salem, Oregon, contact Locksmith Plus. You can set an appointment with us and have services completed within the same day that you call us. We are only a phone call away from providing you access and security to the places that matter the most to you.

Most of our services are available everyday, all day and all night. Unless you are using our mobile services, we do ask that you make an appointment. Every service we provide will be completed professionally and quickly, no matter what you need done at your home, business or vehicle.

What About an Emergency?

There are times when a locksmith may be needed on an emergency basis. If this is the case, it is best to call our mobile services who are able to assist you within 30 minutes. Our mobile team will meet you where you are to get you to a feeling of peace and security.

We can provide you a new key if you lost yours or can get you into your car, business or home if you are locked out. We can even repair damaged locks by our emergency services.

Automotive Locksmith

If you are locked out of your vehicle, it is best to get in contact with our mobile services team. If you need other locksmith Salem. services at your vehicle that are not as big of an emergency though, feel free to contact us. You can read more about the automotive services we provide below.

  • Creating new keys for your vehicle if one is lost, especially if you have access to another one.
  • Repairing broken door handles and locks on your vehicle.
  • Replacing or repairing ignition switches that have become corroded or damaged over time or in a vehicle accident.
  • Repairing key fobs that are no longer functioning correctly.

Automotive services are low in price, even if you are getting a more significant service completed such as the repair of an ignition switch. Something of this magnitude would only cost, at the most, $300 on average. We will be able to provide your appointment on the same day in most instances. Many vehicle repairs are done quickly as well, with you feeling free to use your vehicle as you originally had within ten minutes of us arriving to solve the problem.

Residential Locksmith

One of the most common locksmithing areas is in the residential locksmithing sector. If you are locked out of your home or if you cannot close your door, it is best to call our mobile team to get the fastest services. Other services we can provide though are listed below.

  • Replacing the locks in your home after moving in with a new set of keys for added security.
  • Repairing and replacing locks that are damaged, corroded or broken from wear and age.
  • Replacing locks in your home that are preventing doors from closing properly.

Having new locks put into your new home is essential to the security of you and your loved ones. This will prevent individuals who had keys to your home before from ever getting into your home. You will feel much more peaceful when your family is the only one with keys to your home.

If you allow your locks to corrode or become damaged too long, you run the risk of losing the functionality of your door. Your door will no longer work as it should in that it will not open and close. It is important to have these damaged locks repaired quickly.

Commercial Locksmith

Commercial locksmithing is also of extreme importance if you are a business owner. It is important to keep your business assets secure and locked when you are not open. You should also help your employees in feeling secure and appreciated by having appropriate lock systems. We can provide services in the following areas.

  • Repairing door bar locks that are no longer functional or are no longer locking.
  • Replacing locks at commercial businesses if they have become damaged or have started corroding.
  • Installing new locks when you open a new business.
  • Creating keys for employees as they become hired.

One type of key that can be created for employees is a master key. The master key gives access to the entire building to certain employees in that it can open all doors. This is an extremely beneficial consideration to your business as you can ensure that no one is locked out as long as someone has a master key. These are best used in larger businesses with large office spaces or many rooms such as schools or call centers, for example.


You can know that Locksmith Plus is a reliable business to fit your needs. We have a license to provide residential, commercial and automotive repairs and services. All of our employees are certified in each of these areas to fit your needs in the best ways possible.

It is important to ensure that we do offer the services you need as well. Make sure that you are comfortable with what we can do for you and that we can work together well. You will find us at the office or in the company vehicle, going to make a repair.

Contact Us For Service

It is important to contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment in Salem, Oregon. We will be there quickly for your residential, commercial or automotive locksmithing needs. If it is an emergency, be sure to call our mobile team for a more immediate response.

We often offer same day appointments to ensure your needs are met quickly and efficiently. Call us today for a consultation and to schedule your appointment for today. We will give you a greater peace of mind a greater lessening of stress through our locksmithing services.

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