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Locksmith Plus offers the best mobile services in Bend, Oregon. We are available 24 hours a day, every day, to offer you the locksmiths you need to get your problem solved quickly. We are even available on every holiday and will not charge you extra for a holiday, night or weekend.

We pride ourselves in maintaining professionalism and friendliness at all jobs. This will help you to feel relaxed when it seems you should be frustrated over a locksmithing problem. We will have your problem fixed in no time to get you back inside your vehicle, home or business or to repair a lock that has been damaged, for instance.

Emergency Services

We can provide mobile services to you as long as you live within 30 miles of Bend, Oregon. These mobile services are most commonly emergency services such as being locked out, losing your keys, having a broken ignition, having a break-in or more.

We will arrive to your location within 15 minutes if you actually live in the city of Bend. Contact us as soon as the emergency happens though to get the quickest results. We will have most emergency problems fixed within just a few minutes!

Automotive Locksmith Services

It is extremely common to become locked out of your vehicle. It is easy to forget your keys in the ignition or to forget where you put your keys. We are able to provide services to your automotive locksmithing needs like those listed below any time of the day to make sure you can get to work or where you need to be on time.

  • Unlocking a car that you are unable to get into
  • Making new keys for your vehicle when you have lost your original set.
  • Fixing door locks and door handles that have broken or become damaged
  • Repairing damaged ignition switches that make you unable to start your car
  • Re-programming key fobs that have become damaged or are malfunctioning

Your vehicle will not become more damaged within the process of the locksmith repair if you call our professionals at Locksmith Plus. We will have your problem fixed at a low cost to you and within just a few minutes. We will most likely have you on your way again within ten minutes after we have arrived to your location or where your car is.

Locksmith Services at a Commercial Business

If you are a business owner, you want to keep your employees feeling safe. You also want to make sure that all of your assets at your place of business are kept safe even when no one is there. This is why it is crucial to call a locksmith as soon as you notice a problem for one of the services below.

  • Repairing a lock on a door bar that has become damaged or is no longer working properly
  • Replacing keys on a special, commercial-grade, business lock
  • Installing new locks at your place of business, especially if you just acquired the building
  • Creating new keys for the new locks or for new employees

Another common service at businesses is creating master keys for employees of the business. It is important to use a master key at a large business that has multiple locks throughout the building that some people need access to. It will help employees from becoming locked out and can assist you in case an employee loses their job and never returns the keys. There are many commercial services to consider though.

Residential Locksmith Services In Bend Oregon

A home is where we should feel the safest and the most free to be ourselves. A home is also where you need to feel secure, which is where locksmithing comes in. If you are in need of any locksmith Bend Oregon services at your home like those below, call our mobile team.

  • Unlocking your doors when you are locked out of your home without a key.
  • Creating new keys for your home when you have lost your key.
  • Repairing lock mechanisms and doors in your home that have corroded over time or have become damaged over time.
  • Replacing locks that are causing significant problems or are literally falling apart.

One of the significant problems that locks can cause is when it is difficult to lock or unlock a door. This can lead to more problems in the long run as well such as being unable to even open or close your door properly. It is important to get a damaged lock repaired as soon as possible in order to keep your home secured and your loved ones protected. We can provide same day services for this repair.

Specific Bend Services

There are many specific services encompassed within those above that our mobile professionals are ready to handle. Those are listed below.

  • Becoming locked out of your home, vehicle or business
  • Replacing your automotive ignition, even without a mechanic
  • Enhancing your home security measures, especially when they have to do with lock mechanisms
  • Creating a business security plan with you
  • Getting you into your filing cabinet, your bicycle lock or your padlock when you are locked out of it

Contact Us Today For a Service Request

You can know that we will be quick to respond when you contact our mobile services in Bend, Oregon. Our professionals at Locksmith Plus are certified and ready to help as soon as they arrive. They will be with you in less than 30 minutes from when you call, especially if you live close to the city center of Bend.

Contact us today as soon as you are having a locksmithing emergency. We are ready to help and will provide you with a quick and timely repair. Contact us today for your next repair or to schedule an appointment. 

Contact Locksmith Plus In Bend at: (541) 249-4547

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