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There comes a time in our lives when we need a locksmith here in Eugene. That is, we locked our keys in the car at the 24-hour grocery store or our home at 2 AM. When we need a locksmith in Eugene, OR at 2 AM, we want someone who will not only be there but someone we can trust as well.

Who Is Locksmith Plus in Eugene?

We are a team of locksmith professionals. When we began our locksmith company, we serviced only Portland, OR, and the area. We have since expanded and now assist all Eugene Oregon locksmith needs as well. Our business is growing every year. We can serve you if you are in any of the following areas of Oregon and Washington.

Who We Serve

We serve the needs of anyone that has a locksmith issue. That is, we can help you if you are a residential customer, commercial customer, or an automotive customer. We can assist those with a car lockout, lost keys, house lock changes, business security upgrades, and more.

About Our Eugene Oregon Services


Our residential locksmith looks at your home as if it were theirs. We will know all the codes for residential locksmith services. We will abide by those codes and complete the job in a timely and professional manner. We make it our responsibility to be familiar with all relevant laws for a district. As for the type of lock design you would like for your home; there are many. You should select one from the many, and we will install it, with no questions asked. We consider ourselves to be a good company. We will keep up with the latest trends. Also, we will support our customers and offer them a variety in the best way possible.

Our Commercial Locksmith Services In Eugene OR

Our emergency locksmith crew in Eugene OR must know about commercial coding for the area your business is in; we must know how to pick the lock on your office building efficiently. We do our best to see the coding for the area because we do not want to install the lock for your building improperly. If we were to install the lock system wrong, you would have to pay extra for another locksmith to come out to your office and reinstall.

Automotive Services in Eugene Oregon

We provide two types of automotive locksmith services for our customers. These are the following services.

  • Car Lockouts
  • Car Key Replacements

Car Lockouts

We have updated our lockout system to include the latest technology in entering a vehicle. We used to use the slim-jim and the wire hanger like most other companies. Technology for getting into a locked car has improved. We use the latest air wedge to get into your locked automobile. Our use of the air wedge and other industry-approved technology will cause no damage to your car. You can trust us for speedy and hassle-free car lockout services at any time, day or night.

Car Key Replacements

If you live in Eugene OR and have lost your car key, you should not think of contacting the dealership. Companies will charge you through the roof when it comes to replacing the keys to your vehicle. Instead, you should think of calling us here at Locksmith Plus. We will provide you a new programmed key within minutes; the new keys will be every bit the quality of the dealership set for the key. It will not take us long to make your keys; we have keys for almost every make and model of the vehicle. Furthermore, we cut and create the new keys on-site while you wait. We can have a lost, broken, or damaged car key replaced within minutes so that you can get on your way again.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

There are several reasons you would want to hire a professional locksmith in Eugene Oregon. One of the main reasons is that the commercial locks do not go onto residential homes. These locks might seem like they are more sturdy, but they will feel and look bulky on the door. Commercial locks are for taking a beating. That is the reason these locks are big and bulky.

Also, commercial locks are more costly than residential locks. If you get a professional locksmith in Eugene to do the job, your door will have the correct locks in the first place. If you own or rent your home, chances are you will need a professional at some point. That is, you will need or want to change the locks on your home. Doing so can benefit you in many ways.

Specific Services We Provide as Home Locksmith Professionals

As home locksmith professionals, there are specific services we can offer our customers here in Eugene Oregon. These services are as follows.

  • Lockouts
  • Lock Rekey
  • Lock Replacement
  • Lock Repair
  • Home Security Upgrade
  • Home Security Consultation
  • Surveillance Camera System
  • Many More

What to Expect When Our Technician Arrives

The Eugene OR locksmith techs will come out to your home, and he or she will introduce themselves to you. After the introductions, our technician will be required by law to ask you for picture identification. That is for security reasons. We must know that we are working with the correct person who owns the home. Finally, the tech will ask you some questions. That is so that the tech will understand your situation better.

Our techs go through an extensive training course. They also have been thoroughly checked. That means we have put our technicians through a comprehensive background check, credit check, and we have received notice from three verifiable references. The techs must carry a state-approved license according to the state where they work. It is for the safety of your home that we put our technicians through an examination before sending them out to the field.

We specialize in home security. When our locksmith techs arrive at your home, we will provide you with a free consultation on your home’s security system here in Eugene. We are a team of locksmith experts who will come to your home and evaluate the home’s security system. We then give you a written estimate.

For Immediate Help, Call: (541) 203-4441

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