Home Alone: Security For When You Are By Yourself

To live alone is to be independent, an increasing concept in the US. Are you on a road trip to independence? Or maybe it’s simply more convenient for you to live alone? There are several benefits to living alone; there is no need to concern yourself with others whereabouts, or check on anyone. You have the house to yourself to do all that you wish. You get to pick all the decor, who cares if the walls match? You only have yourself to worry about. That’s where we come in, to remind you that you have yourself to worry about.


This is not to say that you should worry excessively about your safety if you are living on your own, but there are some possibilities you should be aware of, so you can prepare for what you don’t expect. The vocal declaration that “It will never happen to me”  only pillows the truth that it happens even to those people. The concern that someone will break into a house is actually significantly less concerning than the possibility of an accident, or injury occurring while one is alone inside their home. That being said, we are here to address both concerns.


Here are some relieving truths about home invasions/ burglaries/ robberies:



Lets address some ways you can protect yourself as a home-aloner.


Get a barking dog.

Too many criminals know how to disassemble security systems, but a dog cannot be disconnected or dismantled. This an around-the-clock security system for those braving the excitement of living alone. You are basically alone, tending to the few needs of a dog. This will keep you more secure than your other security options. Burglars are far less likely to target your home at the sound of barking.

Apartment renters: Find out who has keys to your door.

Often times there will be a master key to all the apartments in an apartment complex. It’s important that you ask about the system and the regulations for controlling the security of their tenants. If there was another tenant living in your complex before you moved in, make sure the locks have been replaced.


Keep a light on.

Even while you are sleeping, keep a light on in another room (one that can be seen through the curtains of a main window). Some people stay up through the night, and a burglar doesn’t want to be caught as much as you don’t want them in your home. Take on the appearance of an owl in the night.


Get door for your door.

Security doors are great. They create an additional obstacle for anyone hoping to break into your home through a door. The installation of a security door could also imply that you go to great measures to secure your home and protect yourself. Where there is one obstacle, there are usually several more.


Keep your living arrangements private.

If you broadcast that you live alone, you become a greater target. Don’t post your exciting news online, or talk about your accomplishment with an acquaintance. If you reveal this information to one person, understand that it could reach the ears of someone less desirable.

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