Hotel Safety (Part 1 of 2)

Preparing for the worst, and securing your door.


Family vacations are fun, business trips are exhausting, and overnights to clear your head are sometimes needed. There is no doubt that hotels are the best remedy for these adventures. You get a comfy bed, perfect lighting, a clean space and sometimes there is even a fantastic view!


Who has your keys though? How many individuals have access to your room? Is your room safe? Are you being followed? These are not questions you want to ask when you are planning a getaway, but they are valid concerns to consider. The world can be a dangerous place, and even more so when you are in an unfamiliar place. When traveling, you want to be sure that you, and/ or your loved ones are protected. There are a few ways to ensure the security of your hotel room, and I will be listing those things in this post. First though, it’s important to be aware of the present dangers while traveling, or staying in a hotel. It’s even more important to be aware that these situations can be avoided. Here’s how:



So what can you do to protect yourself against these crimes?


  • When possible, travel in pairs or in groups. If there is a public restroom within the hotel, try not to go alone.
  • Pretend you are on your phone when walking to your room.
  • Be aware of those around you. If someone is watching you or you feel uncomfortable, trust your gut and report your concern. Two sets of eyes are better than one.
  • Use the main doors for access, especially at night.
  • If you are using a key card for access, make sure there is no one behind you able to follow you in.
  • If your room has a lock, keep the deadbolt locked, and the door guard locked (if the door has one). Even if you are inside grabbing a few things to walk back out the door, lock it behind you.
  • Have the hotel clerk write your hotel number on paper, or on the sleeve of your key instead of saying the number out loud.
  • Store your valuables in your car, or keep them on you when you leave the room.
  • Hang your “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door when you leave.


Hotel Fires:


  • Make sure you know where all of the fire exits are. Hotels are required to provide you the location of all of these for a reason, don’t just glance over it.
  • Fire safety instructions should be written on the back of your hotel room door. Read it.
  • If you smell smoke, report it to staff and exit the building as quickly and as safely as possible.  
  • DO NOT use the elevator. Use the stairs.

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