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Camping is supposed to be enjoyable, and feeling secure is part of the deal! Make sure that you are doing everything you can do to keep yourself and your belongings safe during the camping season.” -Locksmith Plus Inc


In most cases the concern for security while camping remains minimal, but as often as it is already said, we will say it again, “It is better to be safe than sorry.” There are camping security tips that can be followed that will lower the chances of theft during a camping trip. In this post, we will address some of those concerns. We see fit to remind everyone though, that more often than not, campers are friendly and usually getting out to enjoy peace, quiet time, and family time as much as yourself.


Tips and tools to improve over-all camping security and safety



  • Set up camp away from the road.



If you set up your camp near a road, it’s possible that someone in a vehicle will see your tent and be tempted to steal what is made available to them. It’s easy to grab a tent or other belongings, jump into a car, and take off. Our advice is to eliminate the temptation of drivers altogether by staying out of sight.



  • Keep a radio on when away from your tent.



If a thief hears noise inside of a tent they are far less likely to break in, fearing that someone may be inside. This is a sure way to deter them, especially if you are camped in a semi-secluded area.



  • Make friends.



We aren’t necessarily suggesting that you spend your time camping befriending strangers, but be friendly with other campers around your site. If you take the time to acknowledge them, they are more likely to be aware of your presence, and aware of any suspicious activity in or around your campsite.



  • Keep valuables hidden or inside a vehicle.



It’s always best to practice leaving valuables at home, but if you must have them with you, be smart about how you handle them while camping. If you travel with a vehicle, lock them up in the trunk or glovebox. Otherwise, hide them in a place that is not obvious. Pillow cases and pockets of a tent are good places. Never leave valuables outside of your tent overnight or while away from camp. Keep them out of sight and out of mind.



  • Bikes need to be secured.



If you are a biker, make sure you keep your bike safe. Lock it to a tree, a pole, or a vehicle. If you want to be sure you have the best lock for your bike, you can call a locksmith for professional advice. You can also secure other important belongings using the same technique.



  • Purchase a security net.



If you are really concerned about the security of your belongings (including your tent) you can purchase a stainless steel net to lock around your tent or valuables. Be aware though, that to some thieves this may indicate that your tent is worth breaking into. These kinds of nets are are hard to get through, and likely won’t be worth it to any average thief passing by. However, if a criminal can be sure that you aren’t at camp and won’t be returning soon, they may take the steps necessary for breaking into your tent.


A few sticky situations to avoid while camping



  • Do not lock your tent while you are inside of it, in case of fire.
  • Do not leave a fire burning through the night.
  • Hide important belongings in a place that someone would not think to look.



Remember that most campers are friendly and helpful! It’s smart to be secure, but try not to over do it. Camping should be relaxing, so leave as many valuables as you can at home. If you have any additional questions about camping security or other related topics, feel free to call a professional locksmith at Locksmith Plus Inc. They will be happy to walk you through your options, and provide you with valuable advice.

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