RV Security Guide

An RV is meant to be your home away from home. It’s a place to stay while you travel with family, for work, or for solitude. It’s the place you go after a long hike or a fishing adventure. When you return to it, it should be as secure as it was when you left. Securing an RV is something not a lot of people think about.


Unfortunately, RV theft has increased over the last several years, leaving homeowners worried and stressed about keeping their rig and their valuables safe. Traveling to a new place is already nerve wracking enough, you shouldn’t have to concern yourself with the possibility of theft, and yet crime is everywhere. (Also check out this awesome real RV security video here).


5 simple ways to secure your RV: 

1. Consider the locks.

There are a variety of locks to be considered for securing your RV. The two most effective types are padlocks and cylinder locks. There are some cylinder locks that come with keys that cannot be duplicated. Make sure you lock up your windows too and consider purchasing a boot to cover the wheel and the lugs. A boot will keep preventing someone from stealing your vehicle. However, if the boot only covers the tire, it is still possible for a thief to change it, so make sure it covers the lugs too.

2. Out of Sight Out Of Mind.

Keep your valuable items out of sight, or better yet, keep them out of your RV all together. If you have a car or truck with you, keep your valuables hidden inside of it. A thief is less likely to break in if they can’t be sure it’s worth it. Also, keep your blinds or curtains closed. You don’t want “friendly” park neighbors taking a peek through your windows while you’re not paying attention. Not everyone who is nice is safe.

3. Make Yourself Known

Don’t park where there are no other campers. This will eliminate the temptation for people passing by while you are away. If you are camped near other people, a thief is highly less likely to make a move. When camped next to other people, introduce yourself. Strike up a memorable conversation. Make yourself known to those around you.


4. Know How To Park

Don’t make it easy on a theif. Most of the time campers will back into their spot, making it more convenient for them when they want to pack up and leave. Here’s the problem… If it is easy for you, it is easy for them. Endure the inconvenience and park in a way that will make it hard for someone to take off without anyone noticing. If the task will take a thief too much time, they will probably move onto something less risky.


5. Install a Security System

There are many types of security systems available to RV campers. Some have alarms that will sound when someone tries to break into your rig, others have motion sensors causing a light to come on when movement is detected outside your door.


Where to begin…


If you have an RV and are unsure how to go about securing it, give Locksmith Plus Inc a call. Their locksmiths are trained and certified to not only give trustworthy advice but to help you install the form of security you desire most.

And if you happen to be in the PNW area give our Tacoma Locksmiths a call!

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