Reading Between the Locks

How does someone know what locks or security systems to use in their household?

Think about your personal home life…

  • Do you have kids?
  • Talented animals?
  • Are you more of a homebody, or do you go in and out of your home several times a day?

These are all relevant questions to ask yourself before deciding on the best protection plan for your home.

How is this information influential?

If you have children frequenting your home, there are some security systems worth your attention. Kids are smart, but more often than not they lack understanding. As an adult, we can read between the lines and know the significance of home security, and the importance of keeping with the system. Kids (depending on age and experience) might see a lock, know it’s meaningful, and still forget to lock the door on their way to school or a sporting event. Thankfully in this day and age, we have smart phone reminders, iPod alarms, home security alarms accessible via cell phone devices, etc. All of these systems are great but not every person or family is aware of what is available to them.

Having a keyless system for security is a great idea for families with children (regardless of age and maturity). However, if you are someone who expects the children in your home to learn the old system and keep with it, deadbolts might be the best option for you. Deadbolts are secure, and more times than not, they are accompanied with a standard door knob lock beneath them. Teaching kids to lock both of these locks is perpetually paramount, but if the importance of the deadbolt is expressed, when one of the locks is missed, it will likely be the door knob lock instead of the deadbolt.

A popular expression is:  “Door knob locks provide a feeling of security, and deadbolts provide the protection.”

Do you have exceptionally talented animals in your home?

This might sound like an irrational question, but it’s not! You would be surprised at the number of alarms set off by animals, and the number of doors opened by the paws of a household pet. If you have an electric alarm system make sure it is high enough on the wall that buttons can’t be pressed. Make sure it’s not above a countertop where an animal might rub up against it, to get a good back scratch in on a hot day.

Attention homebodies!

An electric home security system might be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Hop online, do some research and find one that fits your household needs and your budget. There are tons of systems to choose from! Here are some reasons to consider a household alarm system:


  • Once an alarm is set, it is only turned off by a private code of numbers, or the unwelcoming success of your door coming open.
  • No need to check windows and doors every morning to ensure you are still alone in your house.
  • Enjoy the peace of sitting anywhere in your house with headphones in or music playing. In most cases, your alarm will be plenty loud enough for you to hear. If for some reason it isn’t loud enough, keep your phone near you, because you’ll be expecting a call.


To those who frequently enter and exit their home daily, OR forget items regularly:

It might be that an alarm system is good for you if you don’t mind entering through the garage door, running to the front of the house to turn off the alarm before receiving a call from emergency, and then resetting the alarm just to run back out the way you entered. Can you tell this is a common annoyance for some?

If you are a forgetful individual and find yourself exiting and re-entering your home frequently, it might be beneficial for you to stick with the basics. Deadbolts are great and less time consuming than some other choices. Considering all of your options though is still the best way to go. Make sure you give yourself and your family a thorough assessment before choosing the perfect system. Do the research, call a locksmith (LPI locksmiths are exceptionally trained and prepared to address all of your questions and concerns), and be sure to read between the locks!

And if you ever find yourself in the PNW give our Seattle Locksmiths a call!

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