Indoor and outdoor security cameras – Why should I hide my cameras?

Having security cameras in plain sight is a good way to ward off burglars, however, in some instances, it is actually better to have them hidden. It could be that you have babysitters in your home, or other individuals frequenting your home regularly. It could also be that you live in a scary neighborhood and you’re concerned about intruders with a motive beyond theft. In any case, there are wrong ways and right ways to hide your cameras, but before getting into that let’s talk about the places you should NOT hide your cameras.


  • The bathroom. DO NOT hide your cameras in the bathroom. Why? Because it’s weird, and quite frankly it’s unnecessary.


Is it legal to hide cameras inside my home?


This is a great question, and the answer is generally yes. Depending on the area you live, it’s always best to check the laws concerning the subject. It is most commonly legal to hide cameras inside of your home. Don’t hide cameras in places where people would expect privacy though. I don’t think you need help understanding what I mean by that.


Where should I hide my cameras?


Indoor Cameras:


  • Inside, pointing out the window.
  • Living room, kitchen, family room.
  • Door ways.


Outdoor Cameras:


  • Birdhouses are a great place to hide outdoor cameras. When people see a birdhouse they aren’t usually thinking to check for a camera.
  • In or around trees/ bushes.


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