How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

Hiring a locksmith can be costly, though it may not be as costly as you may think. Sometimes, a locksmith is essential for when you lock yourself out of your car or house. Other times, a locksmith can open padlocks and other items that are locked. Continue reading below to learn more about the basic costs of a locksmith.

Locksmith Average Costs

Locksmiths are required throughout America, no matter the city or state. With this in mind, a national average has been compiled for a basic locksmithing service. The national average for hiring a locksmith is $153.

Typically, a locksmith can range in pricing across America from $96 to $210. This depends upon the services required and where you are located. Despite this range, however, there are also low end prices and high end prices across America. The lowest end for a locksmithing service would be around $50, whereas the higher end would be around $355.

Locksmith Rates

Often times, when hiring a locksmith, you do so for emergencies. Everyone is bound to have locked themselves out of their car or house at some point. Sometimes, it may even be more problematic if you have accidentally locked a pet inside a car, for example. With this in mind, these emergencies do not always happen during specific business hours. With this in mind, you can expect that an emergency, after-hour locksmithing service will cost anywhere from $150 to $250. When a lock smith unlocks a home lock or installs a new key or safe key, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour as well.

Specific Locksmith Prices

A locksmith provides many services besides emergency, after-hour services, however. It is possible to lock yourself out of something during normal business hours as well. In this case, you can expect to pay around $75 to $150 at minimum. To rekey a keyhole that a key does not work in, you can expect to pay $18 to $25 per hole.

Being locked out of a car is slightly less expensive. Locksmiths can assist with roadside services and if you are locked out of your car in a parking lot or at home. This typically costs $65. If you are locked out of a residence, you can expect to pay around $75. If you are locked out of a commercial business, this is the most expensive service. To get into your office or business, you can expect to pay $85.

What to Look for When Hiring a Locksmith

A professional locksmith should hold a locksmithing license and should be insured for liability. Be sure to ask a locksmith before hiring him or her their qualifications and if they are certified to perform locksmithing services. Ask to see these qualifications as well and ask how experienced they are.

You should also hire a locksmith that knows how to pick the lock when locked out of something. A locksmith who will only replace a lock will be more expensive and will be looking for a higher paycheck. Most locksmiths can pick any lock.

To find a locksmith to unlock your car, do a basic internet search for Locksmith + your city. Whatever company shows up first will, in most cases, be the best option. Be sure that they have a good star rating, however.

If you have more modern technologies on your locks, you want to hire a locksmith who is up to date with technology. Be sure your locksmith understands how to put in a smart lock if necessary or how to use security features. Do not hire someone who only knows how to pick a lock.

How to Find a Locksmith Meeting the Criteria Above

Ask for recommendations from friends and family when hiring a locksmith. There should be at least one person you know who has used a locksmith before. Also, perform a basic internet search to read reviews of locksmiths in your area.

Be sure to search for a locksmith that offers twenty-four hour services as well. Often, you get locked out of something during the most inconvenient of times. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that the locksmith you hire works outside of normal business hours.

Everyone will probably have to hire a locksmith at some point in their lives. Be sure your locksmith is knowledgable in all the features you need and is upfront about all costs. Utilize recommendations and reviews to make sure the locksmith you hire is up to par.

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