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How to keep safe during a disaster


Through the chaos of an emergency, disaster is birthed. There is no doubt that the two go hand in hand. In the unlikely case of a mass power outage, earthquake or other natural disaster, while the majority of society will be trying to keep safe indoors, there are others who will be desperate to survive by taking any supplies they can find -Including yours. Here is a list of supplies to keep during a disaster, as well as some ways to keep them secure.


Fire Extinguisher:


In the heart of disaster, fires are inevitable. Be prepared to fight them off with a fire extinguisher. Make sure that you and all other occupants of your home know how to operate one. It would also be smart to have boxes of baking soda, because in the case that the extinguisher doesn’t function, you will be able to use baking soda for the same purpose.


First Aid supplies:


You would be surprised at how often this kind of item is overlooked when preparing for a disaster. Don’t turn your eyes from it, because it’s used more often than most other items on your list. Be sure to keep Ibuprofen, tylenol and aspirin close at hand, chances are you’ll need it.


Self defense supplies, i.e: Pepper Spray, Baseball bat, knives, and things like these:


It’s important that you have items to help protect yourself and your loved ones. The crime rate increases when disaster strikes, so make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. This is only a short list of self defense items that you can keep near you.




During disastrous situations, lights sometimes go out. Don’t be the person who can’t see where they are going when trying to take cover from a storm. Keep flashlights in every room of your house, and make sure you know where to find them. It would also be wise to have extra batteries in the same place as each flashlight.




Matches can be used when flashlights are stolen, lost, or dead. They are an alternative light source, and can be used to start a fire for warmth. Another great option is a magnesium stick, because box matches will be the first thing to run out during an emergency.


Water purifiers:


Make sure you have clean water! During natural disasters, public water sources can destroyed or shut down for safety reasons. You will need a filter system in the case that clean water can not be found. Store some water enhancers while you’re at it! Keeping vitamins in your body will prevent you from becoming sick during a disaster.

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