The College Campus Common-Sense Code

College years are undoubtedly some of the best years of life (hopefully). It’s exciting to embark on a new journey away from home. Rules and regulations are less. Curfew is later, and life seems greater. For most of us who have already experienced college chaos, we understand that there are safety precautions that we should have kept in mind. For some of us, it is too little too late.


For those who are graciously about to spread their wings, keep them tucked away until you read about the importance of college campus safety.


5 simple ways to avoid dangerous situations



  • Keep your doors locked!



It doesn’t matter if you are inside of your dorm, out studying or out drinking with your friends, keep the door locked. Your roommate(s) may become annoyed, feeling inconvenienced. Ignore them, and do what it takes to keep yourself and their ignorant-self safe. This is a most common and most avoidable situation that is too commonly overlooked. It is better to be safe than sorry.



  • Get your nose out of your phone (or in rare cases) your book!



Yes, you read that right. Maybe your thoughts are in agreement, maybe you are rolling your eyes, or maybe you are feeling guilty because you know this applies to you. Regardless of your reaction to the statement, a fact is a fact. Mobile devices have undoubtedly become essential to living in the modern time, but don’t let them consume you enough to compromise your safety. Attention bookworms, don’t think this discludes you. Save your studying or personal reads for a time when you can be sure your safety isn’t at risk. It is important to be aware of your surroundings.



  • Buddy up!



You may think you’ve outgrown this concept, but part of being an adult is being aware that you don’t outgrow everything. This is not a concept taught at 5 years old to be ditched the day you turned 18. Don’t underestimate the importance of traveling in pairs. It is always best to take a late night stroll with another person, because like you were taught in kindergarten, two is better than one. Don’t venture to parties alone either, even if they are on campus. People do stupid things when they are drunk, don’t be a victim. If you show up alone, chances are you’ll leave alone. If no one will go with you, just stay home. Yeah, it sucks, but at least you know you’ll wake up alive in the morning. Stay smart.



  • Take that self-defense class!



At one point or another, I’m sure the thought of self-defense has come up. Don’t ignore that inner conviction, because it could save your life. There are several places that offer a free self-defense class, so don’t money be your excuse. Do the research, and make time to learn the basics. Education could be your strength during an attack (especially if the other person is intoxicated). If you aren’t able to get to a class, talk with the counselor at your college. They will help provide the resources and answers you need.



  • Beware of carpooling!



Ask yourself these questions: Where are you going? Do you know the people (all of them, not just one) that you would be traveling with? Is there a chance the driver could become intoxicated? Now that you’ve addressed the questions, think hard. If you don’t know everyone, don’t take the risk if the situation could become toxic. If you are attending a party, ask a friend or a group to walk there with you. The exercise won’t kill you guys! If the party is far away, stay home and stay safe. Becoming wrapped up in potentially dangerous situations outside of your college campus will likely result in much worse consequences than you’ll want to bargain for.

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