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Can a padlock be opened without a locksmith?

“That really depends on how important the lock is to you. If you want to use the lock again, I would recommend calling a locksmith.” –LPI Locksmith


There are several ways to open a padlock without the assistance of a locksmith.



  • Break the lock
  • Break the lock
  • Break the lock



Hopefully this cuts straight to the point. If you want to remove a lock without damaging the lock or breaking it all together, call a locksmith. Locksmiths have the proper tools to remove it, and LPI locksmiths are trained in all the proper techniques.


If the lock itself is not important, and it won’t need to be reused, you can get a bolt cutting tool or remove it with an angle grinder. A locksmith would not be necessary to remove the lock in this way, however having someone familiar with utilizing the tools required, is pretty important.


Why would someone need this type of service?


There are several reasons someone would request this type of service.

Here is one great example:


“When I started up a local storage business in my small town, I allowed my customers to use their own padlocks. I hadn’t given much thought to unpaid bills, or abandonment of belongings. When this type of situation came to pass, I wasn’t able to remove the padlock from a customer’s unit. I called a locksmith, and they were able to pick the lock, rendering the lock to me. I kept the lock incase the customer returned. Turns out their child passed away and everything else in life took the back seat. I’m sure glad I didn’t choose to break the lock. They have been loyal customers now for over 20 years.” -anonymous


When it comes to removing padlocks, the most common need is to open storage units.


How do Locksmiths remove padlocks?


At LPI, the locksmiths make it their priority to understand the desires of their customers. Does the person simply want the lock removed because they need what is locked up? Do they care about the lock more than what it’s locked to? Will they need to reuse it? LPI locksmiths analyze each situation individually, and when given permission by the customer, will make the best decision in course of action.


Common ways a locksmith will unlock a paddock


  • Most locksmiths will begin with picking the lock (this is the most conventional and effective way to release a padlock)
  • Tremmel tool (a small tool – looks like carving tool – used to pop the lock)
  • Angle grinder (typically used in cases when other methods have failed, or when the service is requested by a customer – not very common)


How much does this kind of service usually cost?


Costs will always vary depending on the type of lock used, the difficulty level of removal, and the type of services provided. Typically someone should expect to pay between $100 to $200.

If you need any help don’t hesitate to call one of our professional locksmiths.

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