It’s true that property theft has decreased over the years, however, bike theft has actually increased. It seems that bikes have become a more common sport, and are being used for transportation purposes as the cities continue to grow. This makes them a target for thieves. It’s estimated that about 1.5 million bikes are stolen every year. The alarming increase in theft has motivated companies to explore a means for higher security. Thankfully several companies have improved the locks that are offered for bikers, and they all vary depending on the needs of each individual. Locks aren’t the only way to ensure the security of your bike though! Here are some of your options.


Park your bike correctly.


When you are biking around from shop to shop the easiest way to secure your bike is with a cable. STOP! Cities are usually high theft areas, and a cable lock is never a sure way to secure your bike. These locks are way too easy to break into. You may want to use it as a backup lock, but don’t let it be your main source for protecting your bike. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are examples of correctly parked bikes.


  • Municipal bike racks are your best option. The problem with these is that there are not enough of them around town. They fill up fast, but if they are available, use them!
  • You can lock your bike up to street signs or poles. Beware though, that this is only safe sometimes. Some thieves are creative and will unbolt the sign from the pole in order to steal your bike. Before parking, shake the sign and make sure none of the bolts are loose.
  • DO NOT lock your bike to sidewalk shed. This is not a secure parking method.
  • Use a small lock. Sounds illogical, but the shorter the lock is, the harder it will be for someone to cut it. Remember that thieves don’t want to be caught. If the job takes too much time, they will move on.

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