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What Is A Locksmith?

If you’ve ever lost the keys to your home, then you’ve likely dealt with a locksmith. Locksmiths are licensed professionals who have the skillset of fixing and installing a very wide range of security products. Our locksmiths are all about helping you to protect your property from unwanted entry by unauthorized individuals or parties. 

What Services Does a Locksmith Perform?

Locksmiths perform a variety of services for all different types of people. These services fall into the residential, commercial, and even automotive sectors. You’ll find locksmiths available around the clock for all types of services. 

Lock Rekeying

Locksmiths can easily reposition the wafers inside of your locks to match a new key. This rekeying process will render all prior keys useless for your locks. Lock rekeying can be the perfect solution when you’re dealing with a terminated employee or former live-in partner that may try to unlawfully enter your home, vehicle, or office.

Lock Repair

Locks are known to fail over time due to metal fatigue and extreme weather conditions. You don’t have to replace the entire lock every time. Rather, you can contact a locksmith to evaluate the lock to see if its internal components can be fixed. Jammed, damaged, and even finicky locks may be capable of repair by a locksmith. This will save you money as compared to getting all brand-new locks and keys for your entire home, office, or vehicle. 


Lock Replacement

Whether your locks have worn out over time or someone not authorized has gotten their hands on your keys, you may need to invest in having all of your locks replaced. A locksmith has the tools and parts to replace the various locks throughout your home or commercial building. Even better, they can replace them will a single-access key setup, so you don’t have to use all different keys to access the various doors throughout your building or home.

Key Replacement

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for individuals and businesses alike not to get extra copies of their keys. Whether it’s your home, office, or car, a locksmith can help if you lose the only key that you have. They can utilize specialized equipment to determine the cut of your old key and create a replacement key for you. 

High Security Lock Installation

Most commonly used door locks are highly susceptible to break-ins. They don’t take must resistance to simply break and allow access to your home or business. Locksmiths can help with this problem by installing high-security locks. 

There are various types of high-security locks out there that can protect against forced entry, will remain bump-proof, and drill-proof. While high-security locks are more expensive than your typical locks, they’re great for added security and peace of mind about your safety and property security.

Electronic Access Installation

Electronic access cards are becoming more and more popular in the commercial sector. Modern-day locksmiths can install all different types of electric access locks. Some of the most common include remote systems, proximity card readers, keypad entry systems, and apartment intercom systems. 

Unlike mechanical locks that require rekeying, electric access locks can simply be reprogrammed by a professional locksmith. Electronic access locks also provide the benefit of being able to track who enters and exits the building.

Building and Vehicle Lockouts

A very common reason that most people call a locksmith is to help get into their building or vehicle that they mistakenly locked themselves out of. If you know that your keys are inside the building or your car, then you likely don’t want to endure the hefty expense of replacing your locks. Rather, you can have a locksmith utilize a bump key or similar method to unlock your building or vehicle so that you can get your keys.

Security Bars

If you live in a location where burglary rates are high, you may want to consider having security bars installed. These are metal bars that get installed vertically over your windows. Most homeowners opt for installing these on basement windows that are easier for potential thieves to access their homes.

Locksmith Specialties

While all locksmiths work with replacing, rekeying, and installing new lock systems, there are some specialty areas that require additional training. 

Vault and Safe Technicians

Whether you need a vault for your business or a safe for your home, a locksmith can help. Not only can they help in the process of choosing the right one and installing it, but they can help you get back into either one if you don’t have the right passcode or combination.

Mobile Locksmith

Auto Locksmiths

When it comes to your car, SUV, or truck, an auto locksmith can help with various problems. They can reprogram remote starter keys, install car alarms, fix ignition problems, and make new car keys for all different makes and models of vehicles. 

Top Reasons to Call a Licensed and Experienced Locksmith

Locksmiths can be helpful in a variety of situations where you find yourself dealing with unfavorable circumstances. The most common times that you’ll find yourself calling a locksmith include:

Lost Keys

Probably the most common reason that people contact a locksmith is that they’ve lost their keys. Whether the keys were for their home, office building, car, or truck, a locksmith can help you to gain access to where you’re trying to go. 

Stolen Keys

Unfortunately, not all relationships end well. If you had a prior partner or associate steal your keys, you could feel uneasy about them potentially using them to get into your home, vehicle, or office location. A locksmith can come out and rekey your locks or replace them so that you can be assured that your old keys never work again. 

Moving into a New Home

While every home seller, in good faith, should be providing you with all-new keys for your home, you never really know if they are. Additionally, even if you’re moving into a newly built home, you never know how many contractors have been given a copy of your key. It’s typically best to have your locks rekeyed or replaced by a professional locksmith. This way, you can be assured that you’re the only one with keys that will work to enter your new home.

Broken Keys

Keys are meant to last forever. The constant usage of these keys can create metal fatigue that can result in a key breaking. If your key has broken off inside of your lock, it can be extremely difficult to remove. This is where a locksmith can help. Not only can they gain you entry into your car or location, but they can remove the broken key and cut you a new one. 

Broken Locks

Just like keys undergo metal fatigue from constant use, so do your locks. Over time, you may find that your lock wears out and fails to work. Or, you may have a situation where someone tried to break into your home and busted your lock in the process. Either way, a locksmith can help to fix or replace your lock.

To Get Single-Key Access

One really frustrating situation is when you have different locks for all the exterior doors of your home. Trying to remember what lock goes with what key can be a constant battle. A locksmith can help you by having all of your locks set to use the same key. This can be accomplished through rekeying or possibly replacing existing locks.

Accidental Lockout

It seems to happen to the best of us. You get busy carrying or doing other things that you forget to grab your keys. When you return back home or to your vehicle, you realize that you left your keys inside. A locksmith can save you from having to break a window to get back inside your home. They have the right tools, such as a bump key, that will allow them to safely open your lock to give you access to your home or car.


Boosting Home Security

Whether there was a recent burglary string near your home or you’ve had a newborn and are trying to ensure optimal safety, you may want to boost your home security level. Upgrading the locks that you have is a great way to enhance your security. From heavier-duty locks to switching to electric access codes, there are many ways to boost your home security.

Forgotten Access Combinations

Electric access systems can be great for getting rid of physical keys. However, humans are always prone to forgetting things. When you or one of your employees forgets their access code, a locksmith is a necessary call to get your lock reprogrammed with a new passcode. 

Locksmiths are very skilled professionals that can help with all of your lock and personal security needs. Whether you’ve lost the keys to your car or are looking to upgrade the security at your business, a locksmith can help. When you need a licensed and skilled locksmith, be sure to contact Locksmith Plus, Inc. We’re here for all your locksmith needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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