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Unlocking a Safe

Unlocking a professional safe

A professional safe comes from a specific manufacturer, so the process of opening the safe is pretty straight forward. Generally a locksmith will show up on site, check out the safe, read the serial number and figure out who the manufacturer is. If that information is obtainable the locksmith will contact the manufacturer directly and give them the safe information, the licensing information, and the drilling pamphlet (this is a pamphlet that tells you what areas to pinpoint when drilling the safe, in order to manipulate the levers that keep the safe locked). Once a hole has been drilled in the safe, most times a locksmith will be able to follow instructions from the manufacturer and unlock the safe in that way.

Unlocking an unprofessional safe

While cheaper and less professional safes also have manufacturers, often times the manufacturers do not keep steady records for specifically purchased safes. A locksmith will usually open these kinds of safes through lock picking techniques, or they will simply break the lock. There are several different types of safes, with several different types of locking systems. How the locksmith chooses to unlock the safe will depend on the customer’s desired results, and the type of system used for the safe.

“At LPI it doesn’t matter what kind of safe it is, or how the locking system works. We will always find a way to make it happen.” -LPI Owner

How does a locksmith know whether or not the safe belongs to the individual who is requesting the service?

This is a common question, and the answer is fairly simple. Typically when someone requests this type of unlocking service, the safe is inside of a business or inside of a home. The locksmith can simply match the purchasing address with the place of residence, or the residence address with the address on the individual’s Identification Card. This is enough of a confirmation that the safe does indeed belong to the individual who is requesting unlocking services.

Why would someone need this type of service?

  • Every lock has the potential to break. Usually Safes break when they are locked though, rather than when they are unlocked. The best thing to do in this scenario is to call a trusted locksmith. LPI locksmiths have successfully unlocked safes inside of homes, businesses, and government buildings for years, and would be happy to assist you.
  • People tend to forget numbers! In this case –  if you don’t have the code written down – you’ll need to have a locksmith come and decode it for you. This is a common issue with new businesses, especially if only one person is given the code and that person decides to leave.
  • Believe it or not some safes are locked using a key, and we all know that losing things is a perpetual problem in the world. Call a locksmith to unlock it. If you have the keys code, this information can be used by a locksmith to make a new key without having to break into the safe. Having the code readily available will save you money in the long run.


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