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Tiny Home Security Guide

By Tammy - Weekend with Dee, CC BY 2.0,The tiny home movement began several years ago around 2013, and the manufacturing of these homes is rapidly increasing. Tiny homes are used for numerous reasons, some for vacations, others to live in permanently, and still others for studios or playhouses for children. These kinds of homes are built on wheels, giving them the title of a mobile house, which allows them to be treated under law in the same ways as any average mobile home. This is great for families who want to move around, or who need to park their tiny home on property, hooking it up to electricity and water. There is no doubt that the inventing of tiny homes has proven beneficial and life changing for people throughout the US. However, theft crime has become increasingly popular within the tiny home community. The convenience of tiny homes being built on wheels has brought vulnerability to their security. Locksmiths with Locksmith Plus Inc empathize with victims of this crime, and are dedicated to helping others who are at risk, properly secure their tiny homes.


Effective ways to secure your tiny home


  1. Place your tiny home on cement blocks. This will make it significantly more difficult for someone to steal your home, and here’s why:


  • It is time-consuming.
  • Cement is heavy.
  • A thief would have to come equipped with proper tools in order to remove your home.
  • It is dangerous.
  • It is simply NOT WORTH IT.


  1. Purchase a Hitch Lock. This will prevent a thief from hooking up your home to their vehicle and attempting to drive off with it. If your home has a hitch on it, you will want one of these.



  • Have Motion Sensor lights installed outside of your home?



  • Sensor lights are likely to frighten someone away.
  • They detect movement outside of the home, this way you’ll know when someone is outside.
  • When the lights go on, it brings attention to the home. This will allow neighbors a chance to investigate and report any suspicious activities.



  • Get a sticker that indicates house alarms will sound. This will likely deter a thief because house alarms typically mean that emergency is called. Running off with a tiny home isn’t a tiny task, especially if police officers know what they are searching for. No thief is wanting a run in with the cops, so at the sight of potential alarms, they are likely to move onto other options.




  • Get a dog that will bark when someone is outside your home. If you don’t want a dog, or can’t have a dog, consider a watchdog alarm. It’s an alarm that sounds aggressive barking instead of an actual alarm. This alarm system is made to scare off intruders.




  • Install home security alarms. This is the most effective form of security in any home, and there are plenty of options that would work well in a tiny home. Here are some reasons why a tiny home should have home security alarms:



  • Police are called on your behalf, even when you are not home.
  • Alarms go off, warning any intruders.
  • Attention is drawn, so if neighbors are around, they will have time to take detailed notes regarding the appearance and intentions of the criminal.



  • Purchase locks for your wheels, also known as Wheel Boots. Tiny homes can’t be driven, but they can be moved quite easily without proper precautions. Locking your wheels is another simple way to deter a thief because It’s time-consuming to overcome this obstacle. You want to set up as many stumbling blocks as possible.


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