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Locksmith Plus is able to provide you with some of the fastest turn around times in the industry in Eugene, Oregon. We are able to offer a quick response to the problems you face most. Our mobile team is simply a phone call away to service you and get you back into where you need to be.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week whenever you need us. Contact us for your residential, commercial or automotive locksmithing needs. You will be surprised at how quickly we arrive as well as how professional and friendly we keep the entire interaction.

Emergency Mobile Eugene Locksmith

No matter where you are, our professional locksmith in Eugene Oregon services are simply a phone call away. If you have a break-in at your place of residence or at your car, we will be ready to change the locks quickly. We will provide you with greater peace of mind.

We are also readily available if you are in need of a new key. Everyone loses their keys from time to time, so we completely understand. We will also help you get back in to your car, business or home with our specific certifications for each requirement.

Automotive Locksmith In Eugene

There are many areas in which we can assist you with mobile automotive locksmithing services. These can be done anytime you need us or even when you have an appointment rescheduled. There are many services we can provide to your automotive needs such as those listed below.

  • Unlocking your vehicle
  • Making new keys for your vehicle
  • Repairing broken locks
  • Replacing ignition switches
  • Repairing broken or damaged key fobs for more modern technologies

Automotive services are typically lower in price than other locksmithing services. At the very most, they should cost around $300. You will start receiving services within 15 to 20 minutes of making a call even if you are utilizing mobile, emergency services. You will then have the locksmithing services completed quickly and efficiently.

Unlocking a car is typically a very quick job to complete. It will take five or ten minutes at the very longest to get into your car when utilizing our professionals at Locksmith Plus. There will be no damage to your vehicles that will have to be repaired if you hire us from the beginning.

Locksmith For Your Home 

Our residential services can help in protecting you and your loved ones and can help you get back into your home. One important service that many individuals do not think of is even replacing the locks in your new residence to ensure no one can get in. This service is easily provided by our trained mobile locksmiths as well as those listed below.

  • Unlock your residence
  • Putting in new locks with new keys
  • Repairing broken locks
  • Replacing old and broken locks

There are many signs other than moving into a new home that you should replace your locks or keys. One sign is an increasing difficulty in unlocking or locking your door with a key. If this occurs, your locking mechanisms are probably deteriorating and becoming ruined from use that has occurred over time. It is important to call Locksmith Plus before it gets too late.

Our residential services are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our professionals are ready to assist you as soon as you make the call. We can help with any locks on your home, including the garage doors.

Locksmith For Commercial

Commercial services require specialty locksmithing training. Thankfully, all of our locksmiths at Locksmith Plus do have the certifications and trainings necessary to perform commercial services for you and your business. There are many services we can provide at your business including those listed below.

  • Door bar repair and replacement
  • Replace locks and keys for commercial locks at businesses
  • Installing locks at businesses
  • Create new keys for new employees that are stylized for your business

Another service not mentioned above is the creation of master keys. Master keys are necessary for many businesses such as schools, churches and more to allow employees or those with master keys to get in wherever they need to in the place of business. If there is a master key available, there is a much lower chance of someone becoming locked out from the business.

It is important to make sure the privacy and financial well-being of your business is maintained. This can be completed by providing enhanced security through locksmithing services in Eugene from Locksmith Plus. It is important to consider what you need at your business, and contact us with the necessary repairs at any time.

Other Work We Offer

Locksmith Plus does offer other services that have not been mentioned in detail above. These services belong in the residential, commercial and automotive sectors. You can read more below about each of these additional services provided for whatever sector you need.

  • Replace the ignition in your vehicle if it has become damaged.
  • Create and replacement keys for program transponders.
  • Provide new locks and new keys for garages.
  • Replace and install new screens at your home or place of business.


If you are in need of locksmithing services, it is important to contact someone you can trust. Our professionals at Locksmith Plus can provide mobile locksmithing services for many of your needs. These needs include residential, commercial and automotive services in the locksmithing industry.

It is important to hire a locksmithing company that you can trust. You can know that Locksmith Plus professionals will provide you with professional, fast and efficient services without extra damage to your home, business ore vehicle. Contact us today for your emergency locksmithing needs or to schedule an appointment for locksmithing services.

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