What is a keyless lock, and why would someone need it?

A keyless locking system is usually a deadbolt lock that requires a code instead of a key. Some of these locks are touch screens, others are pinpads. Deadbolts are proven to be the most effective and secure for front doors and are most common for residential needs. As long as it’s a deadbolt, how it’s unlocked shouldn’t matter too much. You can use a metal key or a keyless system. Here is why deadbolts are most common:


  1. In order to open a deadbolt lock, the metal bar must be retracted from the inside of the door frame. Without the correct key (or pin code) to turn the system, pulling the deadbolt from the door frame is nearly impossible (especially without causing damage).
  2. Deadbolts are reinforced with a metal strike plate, so if the door is kicked or beat on, the bolt will remain in its correct placement.
  3. A double deadbolt lock is a great security option. With this type of system, the bolt requires a key (or pin) on both sides of the door.


Why choose a keyless deadbolt?


  • Kids tend to lose their keys, so a pin pad lock can serve as a fantastic option for families.
  • Some families would choose to keep a spare key near their door when on vacation, or when kids are returning early from sporting events etc. Having a spare key near the home is risky. By utilizing a pin pad system, the issue of security breach in this way is no longer concerning.
  • The need to spend money on locksmithing services is less likely because keys won’t need to be made, losing a key is not a concern, and borrowing out keys is no longer an issue.


What if I don’t want anyone to know my code, is there a keyless system that would allow me to give access through my phone?


The answer is yes! There are several keyless systems that offer these kinds of services. The most common is a Bluetooth system that is connected to your cell device. Your phone becomes your key, and you are able to share ekeys through an app using your smartphone. If you have questions regarding this type of system, give LPI a call. A locksmith would be happy to talk you through the process and address any concerns you may have.


Are there other types of security devices that are more effective than a deadbolt?


There are many ways to enhance the security of your home, but without a deadbolt on your front door that is locked correctly (meaning the deadbolt is all the way inside the frame) than other options, such as cameras, alarms etc, aren’t going to prove as beneficial. Deadbolts are an essential part of home security and should be utilized in every home. Door knobs are great for convenience, but deadbolts are great for security.

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