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Child Home Safety Series (Part 2 of 2)

Addressing the common questions


Should I enroll my child in self-defense classes?


You can’t go wrong with self-defense. Enrolling your child, or children in classes will, of course, benefit them in many ways and will lower their chances of harm in dangerous situations. That being said, by no means should self-defense classes replace the importance of home security. Learning these techniques and lessons will undoubtedly benefit your child and your family in many ways, but what is learned is designed to lower chances of harm, not eliminate the possibility altogether. Alarms, locks, cameras etc, should be taken seriously when considering home security. Self-defense classes may save your child from conflict outside of the home, but there are several ways a child remains unsafe when a home goes without proper security. When enrolling a child in self defense classes, be sure the following areas are addressed.

  1. With the right self-defense class, your child will learn about awareness. For a child, awareness doesn’t always come naturally.
  2. They should learn how to handle potentially dangerous situations: escape options, breathing patterns, what to do when threatened or grabbed, etc.
  3. Development of self-confidence.
  4. Learning how to avoid unsafe situations.
  5. Self-defense classes should strengthen their bodies, so in the case of an attack, they are able to take the attacker off guard.


Should we have a family dog, or is a house alarm sufficient?


As some have said, “A dog by itself is good, but a dog with an alarm is better”

The differences between a dog and an electric house alarm are vast. The commonalities are few. Let’s address the two main commonalities first:



  • They are both loud (most of the time)
  • They are both likely to frighten someone away.



Now, here are the differences:





  • Are unpredictable
  • Are often times ready to attack
  • Are capable of being tamed
  • Are unsafe during a break in (same as anyone else in the household)
  • Are valuable (can be stolen)
  • Are (sometimes) easily frightened.






  • Will send for help
  • Will not kill anyone
  • Will inform everyone in the household of an intruder



If you have a dog as part of your home security, great. If not, that’s okay too. If you will choose one or the other, your better option is the electric alarm system. While both systems are very different, what sets them apart is that one is more predictable than the other. There are plenty of ways to scare off an intruder without the need for a watchdog. If you want the benefits of having a dog, without the work that comes with owning one, post a “Beware of Dog” sign on your door and fence. You’ll get the same results.


What does a safety plan look like, and how can we practice it as a family?


There are several different safety plans to explore, for several different areas of security. The best advice to give is to do research. Here are a few safety plans to consider:


  • Fire safety/ evacuation plan
  • What to do during a home invasion
  • What to do during a power outage – Locksmith Plus Inc, has a page addressing this topic, When The Lights Go Out.


Having a plan in place is necessary, but unless you practice the procedures with your family, the plan is likely to fail. Be sure you are taking the needed time out of your schedules, to ensure the safety of your household. Make a game out of it for young children or youth, the benefits are rewarding! Even if you never have to face these situations, practicing them will bring your family together, developing trust relationships, while equipping them to make the better decisions in their future. It would be smart to practice all of these procedures at least one time a month. If you have additional questions, feel free to call Locksmith Plus Inc. They are dedicated to keeping your family safe, and because of their certification, are able to provide professional advice.

And if you find yourself in an Emergency Locksmith situation give us a call asap!

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