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Can a locksmith create a key using a lock or a lock cylinder?

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There are several ways that a key can be created using a locking system instead of a key. In order to create a key by using a lock, you have to understand coding. Inside the lock there are pins, and each pin is set to match a code. Locksmith Plus INC locksmiths are trained in coding, and can have the job done quickly. If you have the code, you can visit a locksmith, and a new key can be created using the code that is provided.

How much should someone expect to pay for this type of service?

Without cylinder removal

  • Costs vary depending on the vehicle and type of key, but expect to pay around:
  •  $150 to $180

With cylinder removal

  • Costs also vary depending on the vehicle and type of key, but expect to pay around:
  • $180 to $250

Four important steps before getting a new key made for a vehicle

  • Write down the VIN number of the vehicle.
  • Write down the make, model, and year of the vehicle.
  • Have personal identification ready (proof of ownership)
  • Call a locksmith with the above information.

Why would someone need this service?

  1. Lost the original with no additional copies of the key.
  2. Broken key, with no other copies.
  3. New vehicle, no set of keys for it.

“I was taking my garbage out to the dumpster inside my apartment complex, and had my car keys in my hand, ready to drive to a meeting when I was finished. Without giving it much thought I reached over and tossed the garbage into the dumpster WITH MY KEYS! I was horrified. I tried reaching in to feel around for them, but it was too full and it was pointless. I called a locksmith, and was pleased to know that they could create a new key for my car using the lock instead of a cut key.” – Anonymous

There are many circumstances that could occur to raise concern regarding this issue. Situations may become more complicated depending on the year of the vehicle, and whether or not the vehicle uses a transponder key or a regular cut key. In some cases there may not be a code on the cylinder block, so it would be best to do some research and find out about the vehicle’s system before trying to remove the lock. An LPI locksmith would happy to provide you with the correct information regarding your vehicle. They are committed to saving you as much time and money as possible.

How long does this kind of service take?

Without needing to remove the cylinder, expect the service to take between 30 minutes and an hour. If the cylinder does need to be removed, the service could take anywhere from and hour and an hour and a half to be completed.

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