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Apple Homekit & Keyless Smart Locks Showoff at CES 2018

I’ve never been to anything like #CES2018 in my life. It was MASSIVE; everybody who was anybody in the tech world was there to show off their new toys. Strangely, there was one company missing… Apple. The Google room/booth/display (idk what to call it) was HUGE, and LG’s and Samsung’s were even bigger, but not even pipsqueak from Apple! Probably because they have nothing to show strangely.

Well I wanted to write about the new Apple Homekit and the Smart security gadgets that integrate with it, but although Apple didn’t show up, the smart home tech that will use Apple Homekit was there, and that’s what I’m here to share. 

(WARNING: I use the word “integrate” like ten times. Also click on the photos of the devices to see other Amazon reviews. Be an informed consumer).

1.  Apple Homepod

Ok I know this isn’t a smart lock, but this is why some critics say Apple Home is better than Google Home and Alexa.

  • It has FAR superior sounds quality. Subwoofers, an amp, the whole shebang. Mr. Cook said it’s going to “blow your mind”.
  • Six microphones inside. She hears everything anywhere. 
  • Platform is pretty closed of course, but still can integrate with other smart devices (though not as much as Alexa).
  • BIG: Uses anonymous encryption to keep keep all your data private! Alexa and Google use it to advertise to you. Sooooo, that’s awesome.

2. Kwikset Premis

This is the best selling smart lock that integrates with Apple home, in fact, Android users need not apply, it only work with apple home.

  • Never worry if the house is locked again, it comes with an app that can lock your doors no matter where you are in the world.
  • Give friends a family access codes and revoke them if you get in an argument. Siri voice activated.
  • Some say the app is buggy, eats AA batteries fast,  and the touch screen can be unresponsive?
  • Even if the app is buggy, it’s the only one that has an app, and for that, this might just be the smartest lock on the market.
pad lock 2

3. Pin Genie

The un-hackable, peep proof lock with a hidden camera. Would be the best… if it only linked with alexa or apple home. 🙁

  • Shuffles around numbers so no one could ever guess the pin if they saw you enter it. (Patented)
  • Great customer service
  • Has a home security feature that blasts a siren if someone tries to break in.
  • Sleek and sexy design, to be honest it’s my favorite design. 
  • Can use Bluetooth, but doesn’t have an app
  • Has a hidden camera and it sends pictures of people who come to your door. Lol
Pin Genie

4.  The Obsidian

It’s just a square, but it’s affordable, sleek and aesthetically pleasing. No gimmicks here. 

  • Integrates with…. NOTHING, this this is just a straight up lock. No extras.
  • Ideal for Airbnb hosts
  • More affordable than other key-less entry options

5.  Yale Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt

A bit more expensive, and oh so aesthetically pleasing. This is my favorite smart lock on the market and let me show you why!

  • 250 unique pin codes, more than any other product
  • It can’t be picked, it’s purley electronic. Every other smart lock still has a keyhole
  • Integrates with every big smart home system.
  • “It’s so cool that my Kids want to lock the door now” – random amazon guy
  • The most responsive touchscreen

Welp that’s it!

If you guys want to see a video review of some other Smart Locks this one is pretty solid. And if you need help installing, give our Professional locksmiths a call. We are available 24 hours a day.

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