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down town Tacoma

Standing Against Human Trafficking

Locksmith Plus Inc, is also a security company. Therefore, we took on a huge concern to us. This is a guide to help protect you are your loved ones against the awful realities of human trafficking.   __________________________________________________________________________   Human trafficking

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Locksmith Portland OR

The Irrational Reality of Locksmithing in Portland Oregon

Our newest locksmith Aaron just moved from California to Portland to find out just how weird people here are…   ___________________________________________________________   How different is Portland, really?   It’s not just a bumper sticker… It’s not just a banner, Or

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Top 5 places to NEVER hide your house keys

Avoid vulnerability, and learn where to keep your keys __________________________________________________________________________   I don’t know about you, but I grew up hiding things. There is something gratifying about hiding something where you think no one else will find it. As an

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dead bolt security

What makes a deadbolt lock secure?

Statistics show that 34% of burglaries happen through the front door, and about 59% of break-ins are a result of forced entry. Front doors are the main target and are oftentimes tried first. It’s important to keep front doors locked.

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The Rich History of the Locksmith Trade

Imagine this: An oversized wooden key on a ring around your fingers, as a display of nobility and great wealth.   What’s the story behind the locksmithing trade?   In ancient times locks were few and far between, used only

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When The Lights Go Out

What is the best security system to have during a power outage?   This is a troubling concern for many individuals and families who rely on a home security system. There are tons of options regarding security systems, most of

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How do I replace my motorcycle locks?

  Replacing A Motorcycle Lock And Key Most motorcycle keys do not have a transponder chip inside of them. While the shape and size of motorcycle keys typically differ from vehicle keys and house keys, they are cut similarly and

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Hotel Safety (Part 2 of 2)

Preparing for the worst, and securing your door.   In part 1 of Hotel Safety, we addressed some pressing statistics and discussed ways to avoid less than desirable situations while traveling. We live in an imperfect world where violence, theft,

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