While most services provided by Locksmith Plus, Inc. fall into the commercial, automotive, or residential category; however, there are some servicesBicycle Lockout | Safe Lockout | Mailbox Lockout that seem to not have a parent category. Locksmith solutions for bikes, file cabinets, mailboxes, safes, toolboxes, and storage units fall into this sub-domain.

At Locksmith Plus, Inc., we know from personal experience that car lockouts, lost key emergencies and urgent lock change situations happen at all hours of the day and night, not just between 9 and 5! That’s why we chose to serve our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.

Can’t get an answer at the other local locksmith shop? Choose your fastest-growing nation-wide locksmith company!


You love to bike around town, spokes shining and spinning in the sun. But when lost bike lock keys get between you and your wheels, you need a with professional tools to help with bike lock removal services! , can do just that. We are a nationwide 24 hour locksmith company with local locksmiths available whenever and wherever you need us.


A lost mailbox key or broken mailbox lock at your home or business definitely throws a red flag in your day. Locksmith Plus, Inc., is a professional 24 hour locksmith company delivering round help for mailbox lock and key emergencies around the clock. As a nationwide locksmith with locally available service, Locksmith Plus, Inc. has experience in a variety of commercial and business settings. If your mailbox lock is dragging your day down, we have a quick and easy solution: call our 24 hour locksmith hotline today.


You pack the last item into your new storage unit, slap the new padlock on the door, and head on your merry way. When you return a month later with the moving van, however, you can’t find the padlock keys. Locked out of your storage unit? In a huge hurry? Don’t kick the padlock — just call Locksmith Plus, Inc. Our 24 hour locksmith professionals carry the proper tools and equipment to remove padlock and other storage security hardware so we can come to your storage lockout rescue ASAP! As a 24 hour locksmith provider, we handle a full range of lock and key emergencies day and night.


Is a sticky or stubborn file cabinet lock putting a damper on office morale? Let a local 24 hour locksmith from Locksmith Plus, Inc., boost everyone’s business spirits with a quick file cabinet lock change or key replacement. Whether you have lost the keys to your file cabinet at home or in the office, our 24 hour locksmith professional can provide you with a new set today.


A safe lockout may seem like the best kind of lockout—after all, at least you know all your valuables, cash and important documents are safe. But when you’re actually locked out of your residential or commercial safe and need to get your hands on your prized possessions, a safe lock problem becomes a lot more serious. That’s where a 24 hour locksmith professional from Locksmith Plus, Inc., can . Our 24 hour locksmith experts are on call at all hours of the day and night to assist with all of your safe lock and key needs.


So today is just not your day: you’re locked out of your truck toolbox after the key slipped out of your hands and into the grimy street grate by the curb. You can’t access your tools without the key to your toolbox, so you need speedy help from a 24 hour locksmith professional to get back to work. Luckily, Locksmith Plus, Inc. is a 24 hour locksmith and we’re always here for you! Our experienced 24 hour locksmith technicians travel quickly to wherever you and your toolbox are located. Call now for fast toolbox lock and key services, and we will make sure to leave you satisfied, guaranteed.

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We have flat rates on several on our services as well as minimum (and maximum) price ranges for the rest of our services. No hidden fees or convoluted pricing schemes. What you see is what you get. For more information on pricing in your area, please visit our pricing page or call us today!

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    • Bicycle Lockouts
    • File Cabinet Lockouts
    • Storage Shed Lockouts
    • Toolbox Lockouts
    • Safe Lockouts
    • Camlock Rekey
    • Mailbox Key Replacement
    • 24 Hour Service
    • Wide Service Area
    • 90 Day Guarantee
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    If it’s time to rethink security in your office—why not start with a business rekey? When a business locksmith from Locksmith Plus, Inc., arrives to rekey your business locks, he will take out the existing lock, re position wafers in the cylinder to match a new key, and re-install the lock.

    Once the re-key process is complete, any old locks floating around town (or in the hands of unhappy former employees) will no longer open the doors to your office, gallery, store, or other work space. A member of our business locksmith team can rekey standard as well as high security locks, and can also design a sophisticated master key system to supply keys to specific tiers of employees in your office.


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    Locksmith Plus, Inc. is a leads the industry when it comes to security services for businesses. Whether you simply want to assess any security measures already in place at your business or you want to take advantage of the many technological innovations offered by Locksmith Plus, Inc, call us today at (877) 202-5790 to check out our selection.

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    Here at Locksmith Plus, Inc., we are concerned about the level of security in your workplace. Our business locksmith technicians offer a wide range of business security solutions and our specialized business locksmith consultants can help you determine if the security system in your store, office or other workplace environment could benefit from an upgrade. Whether your business is large or small and growing, our business locksmith team can help you secure it. Call our Locksmith Plus, Inc., office at (877) 202-5790 to schedule your free business security analysis today with the order of any of our other commercial locksmith services.

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    Wondering if it’s time to upgrade your business security? Take a look at your office door: does that commercial lever lock, deadbolt or push bar look easy to beat? Don’t sacrifice business success to substandard locks. Locksmith Plus, Inc., makes changing your business locks simple: call us today at (877) 202-5790 and schedule your free business security consultation with one of our trained business locksmith professionals in your area. We install all standard commercial lock hardware, including push bars and panic exit devices, as well as high security devices, such as electronic locks, magnetic locks, coded locks, alarm systems, and office security systems.