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Locksmith Plus, Inc. Minneapolis

Locksmith Minneapolis MN is an affiliate of Locksmith Plus, Inc., located centrally in Minneapolis, MN.  Our service area includes the City of Minneapolis and all surrounding areas.  We offer our locksmith services to anyone in the area, regardless of the time of day or day or year.  Yes, we operate locally in Minneapolis, MN even through storms and on holidays.  So whether you are enjoying one of Minneapolis’s fine theatrical productions, dancing at a club in the North Loops, or having a coffee at one of Minneapolis’s many coffee shops, you never know when a locksmith emergency might strike.  Locksmith Plus, Inc. of Locksmith Minneapolis MN is here to make your day much better.  Why not pick up the phone and dial (877) 202 5790 today to have a professional technician sent your way or to have any locksmith service questions answered.  

Why A Locksmith?

Many people might not ever call a locksmith even when presented with a full-fledged locksmith emergency.  Who should you call in the event that you lose your high security transponder key?  You are probably going to call your local car dealership first, right?  WRONG!  So who should you call?  The answer is fairly simple.  GHOSTBUSTERS!  Just kidding, this is the perfect time to call a locksmith.  Not only can Locksmith Plus, Inc. of Locksmith Minneapolis MN get the job done faster than a dealership, it is MUCH cheaper to replace high security keys without having to go through a car dealership.  Our automotive locksmith team can handle any issue you are faced with.

Did you lock your keys in your home on your lunch break? You do not want to make your spouse drive all the way home to let you in, simply call a locksmith.  This simple. fast solution is overlooked by many, but once you become another satisfied customer of Locksmith Plus, Inc., you will want to hold on to our number for life!  Who knows when it might come in handy.

Along with our residential and automotive locksmiths, are commercial team is on standby, waiting to send the next available technician your way whenever you are in need of our commercial locksmith services.  Did someone break in while your shop was closed?  Hopefully all of your property is salvageable, but this could be a sort of wake up call.  Now is the time to upgrade to state of the art, brand name, commercial locks.  Locksmith Plus, Inc. of Locksmith Minneapolis is your local locksmith service provider, and we are always here for you.

Locksmith Minneapolis MN – Services Offered

  • Lockout
  • Lock Replacement/Repair
  • Lock Rekey
  • Key replacement/duplication
  • Brand name locks
  • Modern tools/tech
  • 90 day Written Guarantee
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Trunk Unlock
  • Security Assessment
  • Ignition Repair/Replacement