Locksmith Plus, Inc. – Who are we?

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Locksmith Plus, Inc.

Locksmith Plus, Inc. is one of the leading locksmith service providers in the nation.  We have been in business for the better part of a decade.  Our headquarters are in the beautiful, green city of Portland, OR; however, we have begun to expand to the Atlantic Coast as well!  Atlanta, GA is the first major metro that Locksmith Plus, Inc. operates in on the east coast.  We are now serving Locksmith Atlanta GA and the surrounding areas, including Decatur, Oakhurst, Kirkwood, North Druid Hills, Dunwoody, Vinings, Smyrna, etc.  Give us a call today at (404) 719-4111!  We are happy to have expanded our business in the good ole’ South, and we look forward to being as hospitable to our clients as they are to city newcomers.  Have a good day ya’ll!

Locksmith Atlanta GA – Automotive Services

Are you sitting in your car, doing everything you can to get the ignition to crank?  Is the key jammed in the ignition?  Perhaps, you broke part of it off, and now you are thinking how hopeless of a situation you have gotten yourself into!  Locksmith Plus, Inc. is here for you.  Whether your ignition needs to be replaced, repaired, or you simply need to have your key extracted, our professional automotive technicians can do it all.  We also can replace lost, stolen, or broken car keys (yes, even high security and transponder keys).  Just need to have a key duplicated?  Sure, that is no problem at all!  Even if you are locked out of your car during the middle of rush hour traffic, we can still send a technician your way to help you out!  So, give us a call, and while you wait for our speedy arrival, enjoy a nice Chick Fil A sandwich (with extra pickle).

Locksmith Atlanta GA – Residential Services

Nothing is more important than keeping your family (pets, too) safe!  How can anyone make family safety their priority without having the proper security measures in place at your home.  Are you unsure if your locks are effective as they should be?  Give Locksmith Plus, Inc. a call today.  Dial (404) 719-4111 to have our closest, available residential locksmith come check our your house today.  We offer free security consultations via the phone, and we simply charge a small service fee to have the technician come personally inspect it.  Once on site, the professional will inspect your locks, keys, windows, doors, garage door, security system, etc.  Then, we can do any key or lock replacement/repair on the spot in order to provide the security you need!

Locksmith Atlanta GA – Commercial Services

Locksmith Plus, Inc. has what it takes to give your place of business the boost in security it needs.  Along with our typical locksmith services, such as lockouts, key & lock repair, key replacement, etc., we take extra measures to protect you, your employees, your customers, clients and patrons, and all of your assets in one big swoop!  Whether you just need to get back in your office, open up that pesky file cabinet, or revamp the security with state of the art locks, Locksmith Plus, Inc. of Locksmith Atlanta GA is one of the leaders in the industry.  How can we help?