Picture this: You are in a hurry to get to your mother’s house for a family reunion, but you woke up late. You set your keys on top of the stove so you have two hands to pull the salad out of the fridge, but you walk away without your keys. In your stress, you shut the front door thinking your keys are in your purse where they normally are. Now you are outside in the summer heat with a cold salad. Your house is locked, your windows are locked, and you can’t get into your car. Your only option is to call a locksmith and wait for them to show up to unlock your house. You think to yourself, “I should have slowed down.”


How can this kind of situation be avoided?


The first and best thing you can do is slow down. It’s simply not worth it.


Locksmiths deal with plenty of high-stress clients. Most lock outs are due to over-rushed and stressed out people needing to get from point A to point B in a time crunch. The best advice out there is to breathe. If you are feeling rushed, stop, breathe and think before you close ANY doors. Even if you think you have your keys, the chances of being wrong are high in stressful situations.


Another reason for this type of scenario is a lack of organization. It is important to keep organized! Where are your keys, your wallet or your purse right now? If you struggle to answer this question right away, you could likely use some direction in the way of organization.


5 ways to stay organized and avoid a lockout


  1. Keep a box by your door. Your purse, your keys, your wallet and anything else you need to leave with on a regular basis should stay in this box until you are ready to leave the house. This will ensure that everything you need is in one place.
  2. Write yourself a note, and stick it to your door. Sounds silly, but if you have a habit of forgetting your keys this simple reminder could be your saving grace.
  3. Keep your keys on a lanyard. This will allow you to place your keys around your neck when you are in a hurry. That way if you are too stressed to think properly, at least you won’t have to worry about setting your keys down.
  4. Do you have several different key chains? Lay the keys out, get rid of any you no longer need, buy rubber key caps and color coordinate them if it will help you. Put ALL of your keys on ONE chain. Keep spares in your house, in your car, or in your desk drawer at work, but don’t lug around several key chains and expect to keep track of them all.
  5. If you are hopeless to remember your keys, keep a spare outside of your house in a secure place that only you and household members know about.

But if you ever find yourself in need give our Locksmiths a call anytime 24/7!