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Locksmith Plus, Inc. works around the clock to ensure that the people in and around Seattle are provided with 24 hour locksmith services for homes, cars, and businesses. For all mobile services, we do have an additional mobile fee of $29, depending on your location relative to downtown Seattle, WA. Additionally, each lock that we replace or install is backed by a written warranty. In other words, you have 90 days to let us know if the lock was not installed or replaced properly, and we will send the technician back out to correct any mistakes at no charge.

Not surprisingly, our most requested services are our lockout solutions! We unlock homes, bathrooms, closets, vehicles, glove compartments, offices, restaurants, government buildings, storage units, sheds, file cabinets, bike locks, and practically anything and everything that has a lock! For service now, call Locksmith Plus, Inc. at (206) 430-5072!

Locksmith Seattle | Emergency Locksmith Service

Lockout Services

Lost keys? Locked out? — call Us.

Locksmith Plus, Inc. was founded in the Northwest, in 2009. Over the years they have become very involved in the community. The Locksmith Plus, Inc.employees are happy to be working alongside so many great people. Locksmith Plus, Inc.considers Seattle WA a home base, and they continue to expand their services and their passion with each passing year.

Commercial Services

  • We offer business lock out services.
  • Lock repairs and replacements
  • Master key system
  • Hoping for a better appearance? We can come replace your hardware.
  • If you have a safe or a filing cabinet that is jammed or not functioning, we offer services for those things as well.

Residential Services

Professionally licensed business locksmith technicians.

  • We offer lock out services for homes.
  • Lost your key? We can create new ones.
  • If your home has been jeopardized, we can rekey your locks.
  • If your locking hardware stops functioning, or is old and worn down, we can repair or replace the lock(s).

Automotive Services

Locksmith Plus, Inc. is your trustworthy locksmith services near you.

  • We offer 24/7 services
  • Services include lock out assistance (whether the key is inside your car, in the ignition, in the trunk, lost all together, etc.)
  • If your ignition cylinder wont turn, we can come out and fix that as well.
  • A locksmith will be there to help you within 20-30 minutes of your call, during any hour of the day.

Locksmith Seattle WA

Locksmith Plus Inc is a full service Locksmith company proudly serving Seattle Washington and surrounding areas.

The Locksmith Seattle Wa team has been an integral part of the locksmith and security community in the Pacific Northwest since 2009. As a recognized leader in the industry by all standards, Locksmith Plus, Inc. goes the extra mile (literally and figuratively!) to serve our community with excellence. You can get in touch by calling us at (206) 430-5072.


Our technicians provide 24 hour automotive locksmith services at a moment’s notice or by appointment. Lockouts and lost keys can have an impact no matter who are you or how busy your day is. That is why Locksmith Plus, Inc. ensures a speedy arrival no matter what time!

  • Unlocking services
  • Create keys
  • Cylinder and door lock repairs
  • Ignitions
  • Program key fobs.

What should I expect to pay for these services?

Cost will vary depending on the job, but expect to pay anywhere between $150.00 and $300.00.

About how long does the service take?

With automotive a locksmith can usually be on site within 15 minutes of your call, but they max out at about 30 minutes. Typically the process to unlock a car door takes about 5 or 10 minutes. LPI locksmiths do it right, without damaging your vehicle.


A residential locksmith is critical to guaranteeing that a home is secure in and out. This is especially true for new homeowners. If you are looking to ensure the security of their new property. Locksmith Plus, Inc. will re-key one or more locks on your home the same day that you call us! With or without an appointment scheduled we will work with you.

  • Unlocking services
  • Rekeying services
  • Hardware repairs
  • Hardware replacements for locks that are outdated and/ or falling apart

When do I replace my residential locks?

When it becomes hard to unlock a door it’s typically because the key has gradually been ground down over time, or it’s because the lock system has been overused, and is likely falling apart on the inside. If you feel the lock slipping when you turn the handle on it, and it doesn’t open up real well, but you try and pry it open,  what could happen is the spring could get jammed, which will likely cause the pins to explode inside the lock. In this kind of a situation, your door will not open again. If this happens, call a locksmith. LPI employees recommend calling before this happens though.



Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Replace door bars
  • Rekey commercial grade locks
  • Lock installations
  • Cut new keys, as well as branded keys

Master Key System

The master key system is most popular with commercial businesses. Often times it’s used in school buildings (sometimes even for locker rooms), and it’s also used in bigger businesses with several small offices inside of the business. The master key is a key that provides access to all the other doors in the building. Typically a manager will have one of these keys in case an employee is locked out, or in the case that an employee is fired, and locks their office on the way out. It’s a convenient system, and is highly recommended.


Setting the bar in Seattle

Seattle, Washington was one of the first metros in the Pacific Northwest that Locksmith Plus, Inc. began to operate in. We have been business in Oregon for a decade and been in Washington for almost as long! We guarantee immediate lockout assistance, lock installation and rekey services, and commercial services. We also excel in all types of automotive key replacement, and we are quicker and cheaper than dealerships!

Locksmith Plus, Inc. in Seattle WA is registered with the Washington Secretary of State. You can also look up our business navigating the following link and searching for “Locksmith Plus Inc“.

Niche Services

You might be surprised to know that many locksmith business are not full service locksmiths. They most assuredly can unlock your car and get your keys out (hopefully). But can they make you a new key for you high security car? Or what if you have an older rare car? These are the services that might not be needed as much as the other ones but they sure do come in handy when they are needed!

Cutting Edge Technology | Seattle Locksmith

Most “handymen” can replace the locks on your house with a standard tumbler lock. We all know it’s not that difficult to do that. But didn’t you know that’s old technology? Locksmith Plus Inc is taking Seattle by storm with our new electronic deadbolt. Safe, secure and extremely efficient; these locks are meant to stand the test of time and they do not need to be replaced – only reprogrammed! If your Seattle locksmith company is not offering these bad boys, then it’s time to give us a call. Seattle loves us!

Supreme Customer Service

Ya know what we hate? Take a wild guess. BAD customer service. I’m so tired of going to a hip downtown Seattle coffee shop and getting ignored for seven minutes while I wait for the barista to be done talking (yes, that really happened). All that has truly given us a passion for really really good customer experiences. We don’t ever want you to walk away without being totally wowed by our team. In fact if you are not, please remember the technician’s name and give us a call. We will give a full refund if you are not satisfied. That’s the Locksmith Plus Inc guarantee baby! Call (206) 430-5072 today! Thank for choosing the best Seattle WA Locksmith.


Locksmith Plus, Inc. is licensed with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries as well as the Washington Secretary of State. With this license, we are eligible to perform locksmith services throughout the state of Washington. We are also registered with the cith of Seattle! For verification, visit the Washington Secretary of State and the Department of Labor & Industries! Our Contractor License number is LOCKSPI832QZ and our UBI number with the Secretary of State is 603 419 255. Our office is located at 2226 Eastlake Ave E #298 in Seattle, WA 98102. We are now proud to admit our shop is back open to the public!

When looking for a local locksmith in Seattle, WA, it is important to do your research. Is the company registered with the city of Seattle? Are the technicians licensed, bonded, and insured? Locksmith Plus, Inc. is licensed to do all locksmith services throughout the Seattle metro.

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