How to make you house more secure for cheap

“The idea of a security system is not to make your home or car impenetrable, but to deter someone away from it all together.” -Owner of LPI


Having the latest or “coolest” security system installed will likely be of no benefit to your safety or your pocket book. It’s important to understand that if someone is set on breaking in, they will likely find a way in. Cameras, lights, and alarm systems are popular, because someone is less likely to break into a home or a car if they can see the consequence before they make a decision. However, there are still some other useful systems that will make a breakin less likely.

Home Security

Steel door – would deter someone from breaking in through your front door.

  • Multi lock or medical lock WITH cameras – A high grade lock alone, will not likely deter someone because they can try a window. Cameras alone will also not cut it either, because some of the systems have become too easily manipulated. If you have both a high grade lock and security cameras, someone is far less likely to try and break in.
  • A magnetic lock – This is an efficient way to keep someone from breaking into your home through your front door/ and or sliding glass doors.
  • Fingerprint security System – These kinds of locks are extremely difficult to manipulate, and are highly recommended.

Car Security

  • Baby monitor – This is a cheap and efficient way to know when someone is trying to break into your car.
  • Car alarm lights – Usually someone would move onto another vehicle, rather than try to break into a car with an alarm. The light is a clear indication that it’s not worth it.

That’s it folks! All these things can be done under a couple hundred bucks. That’s worth it to keep you and your family safe.