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Home is where the heart is

– but only when you have the key to get you in the front door and the quality locks to keep your home safe!

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Professionally licensed business locksmith technicians.

Our team of professionally licensed business locksmith technicians can help ensure your commercial success by providing 24/7 service.

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Locksmith Phoenix, AZ.

Here in Phoenix Arizona, we have you covered 24/7! Gives anytime and we will send an expert to help you. We will solve your issues and get you going with your day as fast as possible!

There are a wide range of locksmith services available. Finding one which is reliable and full proof may not be that easy. It is important to consider the safety of home, commercial property, or a vehicle. Also when considering a locksmith service. One of the very first things to see is the license. After all, one does not want an intruder to tamper with their lock or security system.


How does a company provide excellent customer service and efficient service without cutting the quality? By making a determination to be organized and aware of every faction of our business. When we first started Locksmith Plus Inc, we made the commitment to never cut quality even if we lose money. Seven years later we have stuck by that commitment. That is why we are where we are now, and there is no looking back.


Not everyone knows this but not all locksmith companies have the capabilities or qualifications to provide every single locksmith service. Perfect example. Let’s say you were to call us and want your locks changed. But not just any locks. You want to new Keo-Lock 9000. The electronic keypad lock. Well what other locksmith companies might do is go quick ship them from amazon and make you foot the bill. Not us. We have tons of those at our office just for situations like this. That’s what makes us stand out far above the competition. So when you go to pick up the phone. Don’t call just any random locksmith company. Choose the professionals. Choose Locksmith Plus in Phoenix Az.Locksmith Phoenix Arizona

Locksmith Plus, Inc. is a local locksmith service provider. Car Lockout? Lost Keys? House lock change? Business security upgrade? The experts at Locksmith Plus, Inc., can handle any locksmith service that you require– 24/7!

Our professional locksmith technicians deliver all the essential lock-related services for your car, home, business and more at all hours of the day and night. Whether you’re in the midst of a lockout emergency or taking proactive steps to boost the safety of your car, home or office, call us today at 773-788-6075 and we’ll quickly connect you with a trained, tested, and trusted local locksmith technician in your area. You can count on Locksmith Phoenix Az.

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Locksmith Plus, Inc. Phoenix Az offers 24 hour mobile auto, home, and business locksmith solutions at your location!