No matter how a family engages in home security, if families are unaware of or blind to any weak links, they may as well not have a security system in place at all. Sounds harsh, yet it’s true. It’s one thing to have a security system installed in the home, it’s another thing entirely to utilize the system for all that it’s worth.


What do we mean by saying “No more compromise”?


We mean…

Don’t be a victim!


We mean awareness.

We mean certainty.

We mean safety to its fullest capacity.


There are several potentially weak links in a home. The first is undeniable. In all the joy and adorable nature of these links, kids are a very common breach in home security.


“We’ve worked with many families seeking to enhance the security of their home. Often times it’s not the security that needs attention, it’s kids in need of education.” -LPI (Locksmith Plus Inc.)


Children are to be considered regardless of the security chosen for a home. This concern is, unfortunately, one that can go unaddressed until it’s too late. It’s not only the concern that a child will open a door for someone they do not know, or that they will forget to set the alarm when returning home from school or a sporting event. Sure these are issues to address but understand this: Burglars know that kids can be easily manipulated, so teaching children about the importance of concealing personal information about themselves, their whereabouts and the security system of their home, is crucial for the safety of everyone. Personal information should not be given to anyone at any time outside of the home, or over any form of social media. Releasing information without an awareness of surroundings or understanding that not everyone using the internet is who they say they are, unfortunately, can be an open door (so to speak) to a burglar.


How can this issue be addressed in a home?


  • Teach children about the dangers of engaging with people they do not know (stranger danger)
  • Whether it’s padlocks or house alarms, have kids in the home practice using these security features correctly.
  • Explain the severity of shutting and locking all doors and windows (especially when a child is home alone)
  • Have a home safety plan in place (tape it to the bathroom mirror so that it’s on the forefront of everyone’s mind)


The commonly compromised safety of children in a home:


  1. Garage Doors – They need to be shut when a child enters or exits the home.
  2. Curtains – They need to be closed in order to protect the privacy and property of the home. No one should know when a child is home alone, or upstairs without an adult.
  3. Fire hazards – Teach fire prevention, and create a safety plan. The most important aspect of home security is to keep everyone safe. Educate children in the home!

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