How to rank higher in google my businessSo I just wanted to show you some data from about 5 years of local SEO. Through the years of Google Local, Google places and now finally Google My Business, a lot of things have changed.

We haven’t always employed the best practices over the years. We were definitely one of the locksmith companies that gave the-the locksmith industry a spammy name. But hey it was the wild wild west in 2009. We did what we need to do to compete.

Now we are in this weird stage where we are following the rules and cleaning up. But even though Google is saying “This are how things are going to be from now on.” I feel as if they are only halfway done changing their algorithm.


We always are watching our competition using PBN’s and spammy links and they still rank over us. I’m not going to lie, it’s very tempting to go instant gratification route, but I have managed to stay strong and run my site with intriguing. I really like to guest post, but for a locksmith website, it’s pretty rare to find that opportunity  


OK moving on to at this post is about .


For years every time we would start a new location in a new city . We would but our business name plus int eh city name in the GMB profile.

So instead of Locksmith etc.

We would do Locksmith Etc Portland Oregon.

And oh how we ranked boys and girls! In fact almost all listings we had ranked in the top three. Then Google came out and said it is officially against google policy to add the city name in the business listing.


And so we changed them. LOL

They immediately un-verified all of our listings. It was excruciating to get them back up let me tell you. And low and behold we no longer ranked in the top three.Naturally, we tried to change them back only to be told that it is against Google policy and it can’t be done.


Funny how it all works huh?

So here we are two years later, and I still refuse to put the city name in the listing. Of course, the citation cleanup was horrendous. Text is not as good as they think they are, but they helped. And now we just focus on natural link building and being the best company we can be.

I wanted to share this awesome DATA that just released.

( I want to steal their graph SO BAD but I won’t, please click the link to see the beautiful infographics).





The truth is, have the keyword in your GMB listing STILL helps you rank higher.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

Also while you’re here. We have content just sitting around. Let’s guest post. (Don’t worry Matt Cutts won’t find out 😉 )