Luggage securityGoing on a trip and concerned about the security of your luggage? There are many options and suggestions for protecting your property. Luggage theft is more common than some would anticipate, which is why it’s important to know your options, and have a prevention plan set in place.


What are some of my options for preventing luggage theft and reporting a theft?


  • Padlock(s) – Preferably two with different systems, because if one lock has been busted or picked, a thief will likely stop at the sight of a second one.
  • Saran wrap or zip-ties (disturbance of these items will indicate that the seal of your bag has been broken, which gives you a chance to check your bag for theft and report any missing items. The timeframe for reporting theft is often times very limited).
  • Don’t pack valuables. If you refrain from packing valuable items, you eliminate the concern of theft all together. Clothes and other items may be lost or stolen, but at least you won’t be dealing with a severe financial burden or personal loss.


How do I protect my luggage without disturbing Airport Security or TSA?


Some would claim that only locks approved by TSA can be used to secure your luggage (here are the TSA luggage rules). This is not true. You may use your own lock to protect your belongings. If TSA is concerned, they will request entry to your luggage and you’ll need to provide them with the proper keys/ codes to unlock your bag. That being said, if your bag requires more screening during other security checks, TSA is legally allowed to break the lock, and a new lock will not be provided. In this case, your bag will go through all other procedures without a lock, and it will be as if you had never bothered to purchase a lock in the first place. These situations are rare, but they do happen. It’s important to understand that no security system is guaranteed to keep your luggage safe while traveling.


When flying, there will always be rules and regulations that need to followed. The best thing to do is research those rules, know them, and work around them. There are always paths to prevent theft, regardless of airport regulations. The key is understanding their system and taking the best action steps in moving forward. If you are unsure about how to move forward with a security system that works for you, whether it be padlocks, or other theft prevention methods, you can contact a local locksmith and they may be able to walk you through it. LPI Locksmiths are trained and ready to give advice regarding security methods, theft prevention methods, or locking needs. They are also prepared to provide you with exceptional services. And if you happen to be around the upper PNW and need a Seattle Locksmith, Give us a call!