Locksmith Plus Inc is pleased to announce our newest company Zip Garage Doors!


But why you ask?

We have been in the locksmith industry for over 15 years! We started in Portland Oregon (before is was cool) and grew to over 15 locations. Locksmithing is our passion. We wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Over the years we noticed many of our return clients asked if we knew anyone that could fix garage doors. If you didn’t know (and we didn’t either) Locksmithing and garage door repair are sister industries. So for awhile we just added garage door services to our locksmith websites. But last year we finally decided to start another company.

After two months of arguing. We finally decided on Zip Garage Doors. It’s catchy, It’s fun and we sure do have big dreams for this project.

So whether you broke a spring our your mother in law drove through your garage door, give a call because there isn’t any garage door too hard for us to fix!