What is the difference between a commercial locksmith service, and other locksmith services?

There are two different types of locksmith hardware used in commercial buildings, often times it’s due to codes.

A commercial locksmith needs to understand coding. Why?

  • Convenience
  • Cost Efficiency

In order for a commercial locksmith to pick locks correctly, it’s crucial for the locksmith to understand codes. A lack of knowledge could mean improper lock installation, which would require the locksmith to return and update it. This would increase cost.

We understand coding.

What should I expect to pay a commercial locksmith?


We have flat rates on several on our services as well as minimum (and maximum) price ranges for the rest of our services. No hidden fees or convoluted pricing schemes. What you see is what you get. For more information on pricing in your area, please visit our pricing page or call us today!

A commercial locksmith should know The Mastering Key System. Why?

  • Convenience
  • Cost Efficiency

A master key is one key that can be used in several different locks. This is a common system used for commercial businesses, because it is more convenient in an emergency to call a manager to unlock a door, rather than spend money on additional locksmithing services. Master keys are also used for businesses that authorize access to different parts or different departments of the building, to specified employees. When a locksmith understands The Master Key System they are able to install it correctly, which will lower service costs in the long interim. We can do that.

Do I need a professional to do my commercial locksmithing?

If  you are not a 100% sure about what you are doing, especially in securing a business, it’s important to call a professional locksmith to do the job. You could damage the lock system trying to pick it, or in other cases, lawsuits are a reality. It is possible for someone to sue for various reasons, such as: lacking the proper exit device and leaving someone injured as a result. Whether damaged or sued, expenses undoubtedly increase with mistakes. It’s better to call us instead of risking it.

Store fronts or larger businesses with various offices in a commercial building, choose to utilize our services. Say you have one big office in in a commercial building, and then several small offices throughout. There is a particular kind of locking system that is used in this type of building. These are not the kinds of locks you can go to a hardware store to obtain. These locks are only sold by professional locksmiths and suppliers. We have what you need.

What situations can we help you avoid?

  • Locked out of the store front of your business, with anxious employees?
  • Locked out of an interior office with no one on staff to help you?
  • Need assistance fast?

We all know mistakes happen. Say your manager was supposed to unlock the doors, but dropped the ball last minute, and lost the key. Now you have several employees standing outside with no way in to complete their tasks. You’ll need to contact someone who can be there fast, to remedy the situation. Or say you need access to an interior office that is locked, but no one is working. You still need access, so you’ll call a locksmith to come unlock it.

Lock Grades

There are three types of lock grades: Grade 1, 2, and 3. The grade system does not necessarily determine higher or lower security. The grade system is established by a manufacturing test.

Depending on how many times a lock can be latched and unlatched before failing, will determine the lock grade. That being said, grade 3 will not be as good as grade 1. The higher the grade, the lower quality the lock will be.

What is the difference between a swap and an upgrade?

They key you are currently using is compatible with the hardware of your locking system. To upgrade the system, the combination of pins inside the hardware needs to be changed. As a result, the key that once worked with that system will no longer be of use. This provides security to your business when – for example – you fire an employee and need to change your locks.

This service will save you money because it costs less to upgrade a lock, than it does to replace it. However, upgrading is not always an option. There are times we come across locks that are too old or falling apart, and while it may cost less to rekey the lock, it would be more beneficial to simply replace it. In most cases though, we recommend the more cost effective option of rekeying (upgrading) the locks.

Do you offer panic device installation services?

Yes, we absolutely do.

What should I expect to pay for this service?

Costs will vary. It depends on the type of panic bar, whether or not it’s vertical, if it’s a push latch, or a frame latch. The cost to repair a panic bar could run anywhere between $100 and $250. If costs exceed that price range – because the cost will already be so high – we will advise you to replace it, rather than have it repaired.

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